What are the Canadian NHL Teams?

We all are aware of the fact that sports play an important role in Canadian culture. Similarly, there is no doubt that Canada is the home of many national leagues from which the famous and most frequently looked upon Canadian NHL Teams. Now, to answer this question you must read the following article.

So, what are the Canadian NHL teams? Pacific Division, Central Division, and Atlantic Division comprise this NHL league. If we talk about it now, there are 31 teams in the league, seven of which are from Canada. And you will be amazed to know that it has 30 member clubs, which makes the National Hockey League (NHL) the world’s finest professional ice hockey league.

If you are a big sports or hockey fan, you are indeed in the right place to look them up! In this article we will provide you with all the details regarding NHL Canadian Teams like;

Canadian NHL Teams

The NHL is an unincorporated not-for-profit association that operates as a partnership between its teams. Each member club is a limited partnership with one vote, while the league itself has three votes. The NHL’s headquarters are located in New York City and the league office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The Canadian National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917 and has been home to some of the best hockey players in the world. It’s also a great place to watch hockey if you’re in Canada!

How many NHL teams are there in Canada?

The Canadian NHL league at present has seven teams:

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs, 
  • Montreal Canadiens, 
  • Ottawa Senators, 
  • Calgary Flames,
  • Edmonton Oilers, 
  • Vancouver Canucks, and 
  • Winnipeg Jets.

These teams compete against each other in an 82-game schedule that starts in October and ends in April. The two teams with the best records at the end of the season face off for the Stanley Cup championship at the end of June and early July.


Six of the above seven Canadian NHL teams are in the playoffs, with four of them currently up 1-0. The Flames’ first opponent will be the Vancouver Canucks, who have already defeated their first-round opponents in two games. 

Furthermore, you will be excited to see that Edmonton Oilers will face off against the Anaheim Ducks, who defeated their first-round opponents. The Winnipeg Jets will play against the St Louis Blues, who defeated their first-round opponents in four games. The Toronto Maple Leafs will play against the Boston Bruins, who won three of four games against their first-round opponents. Finally, the Montreal Canadiens will compete with last year’s Stanley Cup champions, “The Tampa Bay Lightning”.

Pro Canadian Hockey Teams

Pro-Canadian hockey teams are a big part of the sport’s history. The first professional league was created in 1910 and consisted of just two teams: the Montreal Canadiens and the Quebec Bulldogs. The league expanded to six teams in 1917 but folded after just one season because many players were fighting overseas in World War I.

Pro-Canadian hockey teams are a great way to enjoy the sport while supporting local teams and athletes. There could be no better enjoyment than to spend your day and enjoy to the fullest a hockey game.


The Canadian Hockey League is made up of Major Junior A teams from across Canada, and it offers young athletes the chance to play competitively while also earning a college scholarship.

There are many pro-Canadian hockey teams in the NHL and other leagues. Each team has its own unique history, traditions, and style of play.

History of Canadian Hockey Teams

Hockey has a long and storied history in Canada, with the first hockey game taking place in Montreal in 1875. The first organized league was founded in Montreal in 1893, and its popularity grew quickly, eventually spreading across Canada. It was not until 1917 that a true national league was formed, called the National Hockey League (NHL).


During that time, only four teams were there to play: the Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Wanderers. The NHL grew rapidly over the next few decades, with new teams added each year until 1942 when it reached its peak of 16 teams.

  • The first game in NHL history took place on December 19, 1917. The Montreal Wanderers won by a score of 7-4 at the Westmount Arena in Montreal, Quebec. The Wanderers became known as the “Original Six” because they were one of six teams that made up the NHL for its first 20 years (1917-1936).
  • The first round of expansion occurred in 1967 with the formation of the Philadelphia Flyers. The second round of expansion occurred in 1972 when four more teams joined the league: New York Islanders, Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings, and Kansas City Scouts (who became Colorado Rockies in 1976).
  • In 1978 when Maple Leaf Gardens closed its doors after 40 years as an NHL arena and after hosting multiple Stanley Cup winners over those four decades. The Leafs moved into their new home at Air Canada Center and began playing games there during the 1999-2000 season.

The NHL grew steadily during its first few years as a league, adding two new teams in 1918: The Toronto Arenas and Montreal Canadiens. In 1919, another team from Toronto joined: The Toronto St. Patricks (later called Maple Leafs). 

This expansion brought the total number of teams up to six: Montreal Canadiens, Quebec Bulldogs (who changed their name to Quebec Aces), Ottawa Senators (who became known as Senators), Toronto Arenas/St. Patricks (who changed their name again after one season)

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Canadian Hockey Teams NHL List

As we have concluded above, the National Hockey League (NHL) is an ice hockey league. It has 31 teams, all of which are divided as follows:

  • 24 in the United States and 
  • 7 in Canada. 

The NHL was founded early in 1917, but its name was the National Hockey Association (NHA) later on it became the NHL after three years.

If we talk about most professional hockey competitions, then choosing NHL would not be wrong at all. It is the only league in North America to include 14 teams playing at present. Which is the top-level professional hockey league in entire North America.

The teams are:

  • Anaheim Ducks (Anaheim, CA)
  • Arizona Coyotes (Glendale, AZ)
  • Boston Bruins (Boston, MA)
  • Buffalo Sabres (Buffalo, NY)
  • Calgary Flames (Calgary, AB)
  • Carolina Hurricanes (Raleigh, NC)
  • Chicago Blackhawks (Chicago, IL)
  • Colorado Avalanche (Denver, CO)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (Columbus, OH)
  • Dallas Stars (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area, TX)
  • Detroit Red Wings (Detroit, MI)
  • Edmonton Oilers (Edmonton/St. Albert area in Alberta province of Canada)
  • Canadian National Men’s Hockey.
  • Vancouver Canacks.

Benefits of Playing in NHL Teams in Canada

Playing in Canada’s National Hockey League is a dream come true for many players. It offers them the opportunity to play at the highest level of hockey, and it gives them the chance to earn a good salary, live in Canada’s beautiful cities, and experience life in one of the world’s most popular countries.

There are many benefits that you could entail by playing in NHL teams in Canada. 

Benefits of Playing in NHL
  • The first benefit is that you get to play the most competitive hockey possible with unbelievably skilled players. You will be playing against the best players in the world, so you will have to be on top of your game if you want to stand out. 
  • Another great thing about playing in NHL teams in Canada is that they have very high standards for their players. This means that if you want to make it into one of these teams, you will need to put in some serious effort and practice with your team members on a daily basis.
  • Another great benefit of playing in NHL teams in Canada is the fact that many fans support these teams and their players. 
  • If you play for one of these teams, then people will know about it because it will be all over social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. People will also know about it because many newspapers write about them every day as well!
  • Having access to all sorts of amenities that make life easier on the road.
  • Last but not the least, the player will get to meet other players from all around the world who have played professional sports for years.

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Competitors of NHL Teams in Canada

The NHL has been around for over a century, and over that time, it is grown to become one of the most popular sports in the world. With a little over 100 teams worldwide and hundreds of thousands of fans, it is no wonder that several competitors have tried to take on this powerhouse by starting their leagues.

The NHL has several major competitors, including:

The American Hockey League (AHL)

The AHL comprises 30 teams across North America, with each team affiliated with an NHL team. Each AHL team has an affiliation agreement with an NHL club that allows it to call up players from its minor league affiliate when needed. 

The players on these teams are often young or developing players who are trying to make it into the NHL or those who have been sent down because they need more practice time or rehab due to injury.

The Canadian Hockey League (CHL)

The CHL includes teams from Ontario and Quebec who compete against each other during the season before competing internationally as Team Canada at international tournaments such as the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships or IIHF World Championships.”

In addition to being home to many of the most successful teams over time (including the Montreal Canadiens), Canada also boasts many other teams that have qualified for some of their country’s most prestigious tournaments such as the World Junior Hockey Championship (WJC).

Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians

The NHL league’s two favorite teams; Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens are the ones most storied in hockey history. They have been rivals since the league was founded in 1917, and they’ve played each other more than 100 times. The rivalry is heated and it is also one of the longest-running in all sports. The teams have combined to win almost half of all Stanley Cup titles since 1918, with a total of 20 between them.

The Maple Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups since their founding including four in a row from 1967 to 69. While the Canadiens have won 24 championships throughout their history; they have won at least once every decade since 1910 except for the ’20s and ’40s. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the other popular leagues in Canada?

A: Hockey is one of Canada’s most popular sports and has a long history. The Canadian Football League (CFL) is also very popular in Canada; it was founded in 1958 as a result of a merger between two leagues, one of which was called the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU). The CFL has nine teams: seven from Ontario and two from Quebec.

What is the best NHL hockey team?

The Montreal Canadiens are the best NHL hockey team in Canada. They have gained the Stanley Cup 24 times, more surplus than any other NHL team.

What is the most expensive ticket to see an NHL hockey game?

The most expensive ticket to see an NHL hockey game is $1,000 for a seat behind the glass near the center ice at Madison Square Garden in NYC. The second-most expensive ticket costs $800 and is for a seat in row 6 at Bell Centre in Montreal.

Conclusion: What Are The Canadian NHL Teams?

Canada is one of the most dominant teams in the NHL. They have achieved 24 Stanley Cups and are in a near-lock to gain a victory another this year. They are the only team to win back-to-back Stanley Cups in the last decade, and they won three Stanley Cup titles during that time period. Hockey is Canada’s national pastime. The country has a long history of success in the sport and has produced some of the greatest players of all time.

The Canadians have earned it to the playoffs in each of the previous 20 seasons, and they have won five NHL crowns since 1995. When you go to a hockey game, you will see people from all over the world come together to watch their favorite team play their rivals on the ice rink. It is a tremendous direction to spend your time with friends and family while celebrating some good old-fashioned hockey fun!

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