The Top 10 Greatest American Hockey Players – 2022-23

Although Canadian skaters have started the sport of hockey, it has recently started to attract more players from all over the world. Only 2.3% of NHL players were American in the 1970s. Today, about 30% of hockey skaters are from the United States. 

What about the best American hockey players? Patrick Kane, Auston Matthews, Jack Eichel, John Carlson, Johnny Gaudreau, Matthew Tkachuk, Kyle Connor, Blake Wheeler, John Gibson, and Brock Boeser are among the top best hockey players in the NHL league. They have played a significant part in the National Hockey League.

If you want to know about them in detail, follow me and read this article. 

10 Greatest American Hockey Players – 2022-23

Many of the outstanding American-born hockey skaters have also represented their country at the Olympics. Many of them are legendary attacking players, while others are among the best goalkeepers and defensemen in NHL history. 

The Top 10 Greatest American Hockey Players – 2022

These American-born hockey skaters have played in the NHL Finals and are among the Gray Cup victors. Although it was tough to choose only ten players among all, they are all highly experienced in ice hockey.  If you want to get details of each player separately, below I am going to discuss this:

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1) Auston Matthews 

It will seem unfair to name someone as an all-time champion after only five NHL years. But Auston Matthews’ addition to this ranking cannot be denied. 

Auston Matthews

He is the seventh American selected first-choice hockey player. He quickly established himself as among the team’s top goal makers. Then he became the youngest player in the recent era to record four main goals in his NHL career. 

With 40 shots and 69 scores at the end of that campaign, he received 164 of the 167 first-place votes to win the Calder Medal Cup.

2) Patrick Kane

The most recognized American hockey player of all time is Patrick Kane. He has been selected as the first-choice player in the NHL entry draft. He also won three Stanley Cups, the MVP award in 2013, the Calder award for a youngster of the year, the Hart award for the most valuable player in 2016, and the Hart medal for a youngster of the year in 2015. 

patrick kane

His incredible technical ability is the sole reason for all of his successes. You can see Kane’s extraordinary expertise in action when you see him performing. He directs the action and generates offense every time he hits the ball. And he is used to making a great goal!

In the 2019–20 season, Kane achieved the 1000-point milestone for his tenure. In the final year of his career, he will hold the record for the most points scored by an American.

3) Jack Eichel

After Connor McDavid, Eichel was selected overall second in his drafting season. Comparison to McDavid is difficult, but Eichel also played well in his career. He is without a doubt the finest player on the Sabers and is on pace to break into the NHL’s Leading 10 players. 

jack eichel

It will be entertaining to watch him starting the playoffs as the supportive group in Buffalo strengthens. He is a highly competitive player who struggles to demonstrate his expertise in hockey. In the upcoming years, he will be considered among the best hockey players in the world.

4) John Carlson

In 2019–20, Carlson had an amazing season. For the first two months of the National hockey league, he had the highest points in the game overall. 

john carlson

For a defenseman to have been scoring that many goals are highly appreciated. Again, it is extremely uncommon for a defenseman to score so many points during a single game. But Carlson is among the top 10 scorers.

Carlson performs not only on attacking but also in all other areas of the rink. He meets all the requirements for what people desire in a #1 defenseman, and his defensive style is amazing.

5) Johnny Gaudreau

Gaudreau is one of the best players you would pay extra money to watch. Supporters will be on the edge of their chairs when he hits the ball. There is no better player in the NHL than Gaudreau who can move around opponents by using the tips of his feet to crisscross, twist, and deke.

johnny gaudreau

Gaudreau is a point-per-game player and a brilliant playmaker who stimulates the Calgary Flames’ offensive area. The Gaudreau’s pole has the flexibility of a rookie stick and it is a fascinating feature.

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6) Matthew Tkachuk

Keith Tkachuk is a famous NHL player who has ranked among the Top 10 American Players in History. He is the father of Mathew Tkachuk. 

Mathew Tkachuk is among those individuals that are liked by every one of his teams but disliked by every opponent team. Tkachuk is taunted by opposing hockey teams, but he has a way of getting under the skin of everyone he plays against.

matthew tkachuk

In 399 matches, he has scored 446 points. His postseason result is the one black mark on his on-ice career. But that is a slow part of a player’s career.

Although he is not just a troublemaker, he also has a very outstanding hockey IQ level. He is among the strongest defensive hockey players in the NHL. Furthermore, he is one of the leading skaters around the goal line.

7) Kyle Connor

Connor is mainly a goal scorer. Due to his history with Winnipeg, he is usually ignored. But he scored a lot of goals each season. Connor has appeared as the team’s most reliable goal scorer. You will be astonished to know that he has more than 10 years with 30 shots by the end of his tenure.

kyle connor

8) Blake Wheeler

Blake Wheeler is the heart and soul of the Winnipeg Flyers. The captain is among the game’s leading hitters. He is exceptionally tall, and long, and has the superb goal-making ability.

blake wheeler

He doesn’t get the same attention as other skaters, but he should. When he has the ball on his ice and is searching through the crowd for a partner to make a lovely pass, he performs very well.

9) John Gibson

Gibson is the only plus point of a dismal Ducks squad and is among the best players. Sometimes they only have one shot and that is because of Gibson. Early in his history, he fluctuated between the amateurs and the NHL. But he has secured his position as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

john gibson

He is tall, has good positioning, and is very difficult to score against. He would make goals for Team USA if the NHL participated in the Games.

10) Brock Boeser

When the Vancouver Canucks selected Boeser with the 23rd overall selection in the 2015 expansion draft, they got a great deal. Brock has had a lot of scores since his first season. His shot was incredible. The shot was quite strong and he released it quickly. Throughout his playing career, he has scored a significant number of goals in the NHL.

brock boeser

Conclusion: The Top 10 Greatest American Hockey Players

Undoubtedly, all the names enlisted including Brock Boeser, John Gibson, Blake Wheeler, Kyle Connor, Matthew Tkachuk, Johnny Gaudreau, John Carlson, Jack Eichel, Auston Matthews, and Patrick Kane are the best American hockey players. They are proficient in their abilities with an excellent record in history. 

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