Top 12 Swedish Players in the NHL in 2022-23

Although ice hockey was invented and is most widely performed in Canada, other countries have also developed fantastic players that have made an impact on the game. But Sweden has been very important in hockey. It keeps producing NHL players of the highest caliber. 

Several of the incredible NHL defenseman that Sweden is now developing are included on this list. Victor Hedman, Elias Hedman, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Rasmus Dahlin, Nicklas Backstrom, Gabriel Landeskog, Mika Zibanejad, Robin Legner, Elias Lindholm, and Filip Forsberg are the top Sweden hockey players. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top players of hockey in Sweden.

Top 12 Swedish Players in the NHL

Sweden produces some incredible hockey players that I am going to explain below. You will appreciate the top players due to their exceptional performance and skills.

1. Victor Hedman

The Norris Trophy has been won by Victor Hedman once given to the game’s leading defenseman. And he will have won it several more times before the end of his playing career. 

Victor Hedman

Every team wants him because he is big, capable of playing a lot of minutes, versatile, goals, and defends. So, he is an all-around talented player. On the club’s top team, he is the best defenseman. You would get more about him if he appeared in a more prominent media outlet.

2. Elias Pettersson

Petterson boasts top-tier talent. He was widely anticipated when he joined the club, and he did not disappoint. He received the Calder Cup for the best beginner player in 2018–19. In his second season, he is now a point-per-game skater after scoring 66 goals in his rookie campaign.

Elias Pettersson

His hockey Intelligence, scoring ability, and passing are all off the scales. It appears to be hard for the defenders to take the puck away from him once he has it. He will appear at the very top of this list in a few years.

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3. Elias Lindholm

Although Lindholm is less well-known than some of the other skaters on this list, he still deserves to be here and at this level. With 27 goals and 51 assists, Lindholm had a great season in 2018–19. However, Lindholm’s true 200-foot ability is what makes him the finest player. 

Elias Lindholm

Nominations for the Selke, given to the contest’s greatest defensive striker, have already begun to come in for him. Before his tenure is over, he will achieve one of these.

He is known as the adjuster of the Calgary Flames. It is because, no matter what lineup they put him on, he solves the issues and makes it work well.

4. Nicklas Backstrom

Backstrom is a Potential Hall of Famer. Even though he is nearing the end of his professional life, he is still valuable. He still ranks as the game’s leading center and puts up offensive production at a high rate.

Nicklas Backstrom

He consistently makes an impression with his ball-passing ability. Due to Nicklas Backstrom’s assistance in transferring the ball to Ovechkin, he is capable of achieving goals. Over the past ten years, he has been one of the favorite skaters of hockey fans to see.

5. Filip Forsberg

Forsberg is famous due to his incredible shots. Forsberg possesses a special skill in that he can shoot the ball quickly and efficiently while keeping both hands up on the stick. This can fool the goalkeeper very effectively.

Filip Forsberg

Along with other abilities, Forsberg has scored a large number of goals in the NHL using this shot. You can see Forsberg averages around 30 goals per season.

6. Mika Zibanejad

As he is moved to the New York Rangers, Zibanejad has improved his play to become a top center. Zibanejad began his career with the Ottawa Senators and has always had tremendous potential. But he didn’t reach his maximum capabilities until joining the Rangers.

Mika Zibanejad

In the Top 20 scorers in the league, Zibanejad has been a powerful force due to his point-per-game shooting percentage.

7. Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Oliver would be far more well-known in the hockey community if he had competed for a club besides the Arizona Coyotes. All Ekman-Larsson has to do is contribute consistency to his squad by playing 30 minutes each night. It enables this whole to be greater than the sum of its elements.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Despite consistently ranking among the top 10 defenders in the NHL over the previous ten years, Ekman-Larsson is unlikely to be awarded any honors.

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8. Gabriel Landeskog

The Colorado Avalanche is among the team’s most interesting and potential sides and is now coached by Landeskog. He seems to have been their leader for many years. He became the NHL’s youngest team leader in 2012 when he was awarded that position.

Gabriel Landeskog

His 500+ NHL goals indicate how well-rounded he has become as a skater after earning the Calder Trophy as the youngster of the year during his first campaign. 

In addition to being able to inspire his squad’s offense, he is a fantastic leader because he is not hesitant to brawl and defend his colleagues. Even while he hasn’t been the most reliable player, he can dominate a match and sparkle.

9. Robin Lehner

Another capable goalkeeper from Sweden is Robin Lehner. Lehner has currently participated in over 360 NHL matches, earning 152 victories and a .917% save rate. 

Robin Lehner

Robin Lehner is a prominent Swedish-born tender who has made some provocative remarks. He is a champion for mental well-being and is now regarded as among the best in the game.

 10. Rasmus Dahlin

He was selected #1 nationally in the NHL draft in 2018. Since defenders take more time to develop than other performers, Dahlin is still only a teenager, but he is already outstanding. He will be in charge in a few seasons.

Rasmus Dahlin

Hedman and Dahlin will one day form the starting defenseman for Team Sweden. Will they be capable of being scored upon by any squad? Dahlin might one day challenge Chris Pronger for the Hart trophy as the team’s most valuable skater.

11. Henrik Lundqvist

Although he is nearing the end of his career, the NHL still holds him in such high esteem. For the past 10 years, he has served as the foundation and heart of the New York Rangers. He has been the NHL’s most reliable and elite goalkeeper. 

Henrik Lundqvist

He performs continually, defends well, and is very challenging to score against. He is the classic example of a goalkeeper who provides his team with an opportunity to win every game. Also, he frequently receives votes for NHL’s best-dressed player.

 12. Mats Sundin

Mats Sundin has scored more goals than any other Swedish skater in their NHL career. He performed more than 1300 matches in all by scoring 564 goals and 785 assists. On the rink, he was highly reliable and his teammates could always rely on him.

Mats Sundin

Without a doubt, Sundin’s lengthy tenure as the Toronto Maple Leaf’s captain makes him the team’s most well-known captain. Throughout his incredible career, he also competed for the Vancouver Canucks and the Quebec Nordiques.

Sundin was a fantastic playmaker in addition to being a talented scorer regarding his way of playing. He was a risk offensively in every meaning of the term. He also had a very good hockey IQ. In addition to being a fantastic leader, Sundin had a tough disposition.

Conclusion: Top 12 Swedish Players in the NHL

Besides all the hockey players I have discussed in this article, there are many other top Sweden hockey players to appreciate. Calle Jarnkrok, Richard Rakell, John Klingberg, Hampus Lindholm, Jacob Markstrom, Robin Lehner, William Karlsson, Gustav Nyquist, Jakob Silverberg, Andre Burakovsky, Oscar Klefbom, Jakob Silverberg, William Karlsson, and William Nylander are all the best skaters. 

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