The Longest NHL Playoff Games in History (with video)

Overtime is among the great features of playoff hockey. You will also enjoy watching the match if you love overtime in hockey. Going through each of these previous series and objectives will be so much fun. They have so many wonderful moments and objectives to enjoy.

Thus, a large number of the scores helped the team win matches and ultimately win Stanley Cups. The longest NHL playoff games include Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Dallas San Jose, Washington, Buffalo NJD, and Anaheim.

Let’s get into the details of these NHL playoff games if you are interested to know.

11 Longest NHL Playoff Games Modern Era

Below is a detailed description of the top 11 longest NHL playoff games of the modern era. You will get to know how the players participate and win the matches with exceptional performance.

1. Philadelphia – Pittsburgh May 4, 2000

  • Length: 152:01
  • Overtimes: 5
  • Goal: Keith Primeau, Philadelphia


This season was great with the score and with the greatest second overtime. In this era, the Flyers were driven by the Battalion of Zoom but it was the notorious Keith Primeau who achieved the goal.

The season was effectively over that evening with the Flyers behind 2-1. The Flyers scored, and they won the two additional matches to win the entire series.

The Flyers eventually advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals but fell to the eventual Stanley Cup winner Devils in seven games. Regarding the target: Primeau put in a fantastic personal effort to trick the defenseman and flick the ball in off the post.

2. Tampa Bay – Columbus August 11th, 2020

  • Length: 150 minutes, 27 seconds
  • Overtimes: 5
  • Goal: Brayden Point, Tampa Bay


The strongly anticipated Stanley Cup contender Tampa Bay Lighting was defeated by the Columbus Blue Jackets in a four-game defeat the year before (2019).

As the Bolts fought the tough-as-nails Blue Jackets, this was bound to be rolling through their heads. Both teams refused to give up, but in the fifth overtime, Brayden Point was able to get the victory.

According to the current trend, this score helped Tampa Bay Lighting claim the Stanley Cup in addition to the game.

The Stanley Cup cannot be won in a single game, but these extra periods appear to energize the winning teams. It provided them a boost for the remainder of the playoffs.

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3. Dallas – Mighty Ducks of Anaheim April 24, 2003

  • Length: 140:48
  • Overtimes: 5
  • Goal: Petr Sykora, Anaheim


Once again, a significant score in protracted overtime propels the squad to outstanding postseason success. At the time, Anaheim was still a small organization that had never had much postseason success.

With Sykora’s objective, everything was altered. Sykora’s score gave the Ducks the boost they needed to defeat the Stars and go, for the first time, to the Stanley Cup finals where they fell to the Devils.

You can consider that the Ducks were the seventh-seeded in this tournament and stunned the second-seed with this brilliant goal in overtime.

4. Pittsburgh – Washington April 24, 1996 Game 4

  • Length: 139:15
  • Overtimes: 4
  • Goal: Petr Nedved, Pittsburgh


Washington was famous for their inability to win in the postseason. Before falling to the Penguins in this thrilling extra, the Capitals led the series 2 matches to 1. After this, the Pens would go on to capture the two additional matches by eliminating the Caps in six.

Have you ever noticed that the clubs that prevailed in these lengthy overtime contests went on to win the sequence? When a match lasts this long, its energy spills over into the subsequent games in the series.

5. Vancouver – Dallas April 11, 2007

  • Length: 138:06
  • Overtimes: 4
  • Goal: Henrik Sedin


Dallas enjoys taking part in these lengthy games. Given the Dallas Stars’ extremely conservative and underwhelming offensive style in the early 2000s, it shouldn’t be too surprising.

The fact that this match marked the clubs’ first playoff encounter is noteworthy. If you run out of gas in the first playoff series, I have no idea how that positions a club for a lengthy postseason run.

How do you recoup from completing 7 hockey sessions in one evening? They have to eventually be confronted by this.

6. Dallas San Jose April 4, 2008

  •  Length: 129:03
  • Overtimes: 4
  • Goal: Brenden Morrow, Dallas


The fact that this shot was scored during a power play is unusual. There was a great play during the fourth extra-time period. No other form of punishment was acceptable, so, it had to be violent. Except in extreme cases, penalties shouldn’t be given during overtime.

Anyhow, Brendan Morrow’s goal removed the formidable Sharks club. It was the best side and had a solid shot at winning the Stanley Cup.

7. Washington – New York Islanders April 18, 1987 Game 7

  • Length: 128:47
  • Overtimes: 4
  • Goal: Pat LaFontaine, NYI


In reality, there hadn’t been a competition like this in 16 years. The previous time a game was going into three extra sessions was in 1971. The only time it went into four phases was in 1951.

Hockey preseason games did not last for as long as they do now. It has become more typical over several decades. This marked the start of the NHL’s increasingly regular, protracted overtime.

On Easter, the game would conclude at 1:58 am local time, or over 6 hours after it had begun. The Easter Adventure has come to be referred to as it.

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8. Buffalo NJD April 27, 1994 Game 6

  • Length: 125:43
  • Overtimes: 4
  • Goal: Dave Hannan, Buffalo


It was a 1-0 victory. Before a goal could be achieved, the players went through nearly seven games. Why is that so? Because Martin Brodeur and Dominik Hasek, two of the finest goaltenders of all time, were competing in the tournament. Unmatched to this day, Hasek and Brodeur went on a goalie display.

9. Dallas – Edmonton April 27, 1999

  • Length: 117:34
  • Overtimes: 3
  • Goal: Joe Nieuwendyk, Dallas


As Dallas defeated Edmonton 4-0, this score sealed the championship. Dallas was punished for losing to Edmonton in the finals two years prior. Dallas would ultimately win the Stanley Cup this year, which is more significant.

Do these overtime scores have a trend to them? Large overtime scores often serve as a player’s springboard for success throughout the remainder of the playoffs such as a Stanley Cup victory.

10. Anaheim – Chicago May 20, 2015 Game 2

  • Length: 116:12
  • Overtimes: 3
  • Goal: Marcus Kruger, Chicago


The Western Conference Finals were when this game was played. The Stanley Cup would be played for by the playoff champions. Although the Ducks were a consistent strength, they continued to struggle in the postseason.

To defeat the Ducks in the game and win the Stanley Cup, the Hawks needed a goal from Kruger.

11. Edmonton – Boston Stanley Cup Final May 15, 1990

  • Length: 115:13
  • Overtimes: 3
  • Goal: Peter Klima, Edmonton


This objective was complex. It was first performed in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals giving it the grand final match with the longest duration.

Second, it was accomplished after a 25-minute power outage that occurred in the third overtime frame. The original Boston Garden had difficulties maintaining a cool enough temperature for the surface to start with, and during overtime, the power failed.

Peter Klima, the most improbable of heroes, achieved victory in the end. Klima’s poor performance during the match resulted in his being left on the bench for extended periods. During the overtime intervals, he hardly worked at all, but his final image will be remembered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is overtime during the NHL regular season?

A typical NHL game lasts 60 minutes that is broken up into three 20-minute halves. The first club to win in a five-minute overtime game of a preseason playoff match wins. If neither team wins in that time, a shootout is used to settle the match.

How long is overtime during the NHL playoffs?

In the playoffs, overtime sessions last 20 minutes, and the match will be won by the team that scores first. Thus, a second 20-minute extra session will begin if the score is still knotted after 20 minutes. This goes on until one of the team’s scores.

How many NHL games went to quadruple overtime?

There have been nine triple overtime periods in NHL postseason games. The most famous one occurred in the 6 Games of the Western Conference Semifinals in 2008. It was the time when the Stars defeated the San Jose Sharks 2-1.

What are the longest games in NHL history?

The five greatest matches in NHL history have all taken place during the postseason. The outcome of each match required at least five overtime, but two of them required six. They include the Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets at Tampa Bay Lightning, and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim at Dallas Stars.

Are the mighty ducks of Anaheim among the longest playoff games?

In 2003, Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Ducks and Stars was the fifth-longest match in NHL history. With the score tied at 3-3 in the final minute of regulation, Ducks extreme right Petr Sykora scored the winning goal for his club 4-3 just 48 seconds into the quintuple extra.

Conclusion: The Longest NHL Playoff Games in History

The longest NHL playoff games are described in this article. Starting on Monday, 16 clubs in the NHL will start their search for the Stanley Cup to end the 2021–22 campaign. Since the playoffs are starting, there will be some extra play. The shootout is neglected in the postseason, which is one of their attractions.

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