Prudential Center Food – New Jersey Devils Food

The New Jersey Devils NHL team and the Seton Hall University Men’s Basketball team both call Prudential Center homes. At 25 Lafayette St., Newark, NJ 07102, the club first opened for business in 2007. 

If you’re interested, the stadium, where the New York Giants and New York Jets play football, is around 10 miles away. The Chicken Coop, Kosher, The Boardwalk, Corner Market, and Jersey Grind are among the best food points in this arena. All these restaurants are famous for their quality food and drinks.

If you are interested to know more about Prudential Center Food, you must go ahead and read about it. 

Best Food at the Prudential Center

The New Jersey Devils play their home games at the Prudential Center. It is situated in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. Considering that Jersey is only a short distance from New York City, there is a strong enmity between the Devils, NY Islanders, and NY Rangers. 


After the 2007–2008 campaign, the Devils relocated to the Prudential Center in Newark. As they are all in the northeast corridor, the squad also has regional conflicts with Philadelphia, Boston, and the two squads from New York. 

There are many delicious food products to savor and drink while watching a Devil’s match at the Prudential Center’s eateries and refreshment shops.

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Prudential Center Concession Stands

Burgers, hot dogs, nachos, fries, ice cream, chicken tenders, sandwiches, and other stadium mainstays are all available in the restaurants. There are some refreshment stands within the Prudential Center, along with some unique foods. There is a wide variety of food available in the stadium. 


The Corner Markets, which serves sandwiches and rolls, the Bayonne Diner, which serves regional delicacies like corned beef Reubens and chips, and The BoardWalk, which offers a flavor of Jersey Shore staples, are among the distinctive eateries within the Prudential Center.

Classic Food at Prudential Center

If you’d like to enjoy something delicious and affordable while watching a New Jersey Devils match, you must try the sandwiches from Slider Official Rules. It is located within the Prudential Center in Newark. 

You can purchase a selection for you and your friends or family so that you can taste the various flavors and compare remarks. There are three bars for you to choose from if you want to get a beverage to pair with those cute little sandwiches. It includes the Wine Bar, the Heineken Bar, and the Budweiser Bar.

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Restaurants Near Prudential Center

As compared to the one in Boston, the Prudential Stadium in Newark, New Jersey, has a tonne of neighborhood eateries and bars. They are well-liked by people traveling to a New Jersey Devils hockey match. You will have choices if you’d want to try food or drinks before entering the venue. 

Redd’s Biergarten is the ideal location if you want to try some well-regarded German delicacies. The Chateau of Spain Cafe is about a street away from the Prudential Center and offers a more European feel. 

You must visit Bello’s Pub and Grill, the first gastropub in the area if you’re looking for a signal as to which eatery should choose and you want your side to win.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at the Prudential Center?

Comparable to other venues, concession stand costs start at roughly $5 for snacks and beverages and rise to $15 for burgers and other items.

Can you bring food to the Prudential Center?

Outside goods are not permitted inside the Newark Prudential Center. 

What restaurants are inside the Prudential Center?

The Rock Bar and Grill and locations of other eateries, such as Jersey Grind, have restaurants within the Prudential Center. 

How much does a beer cost at Prudential Center?

More than 70 different beers are available inside the Prudential Center in Newark, with some ales costing around $8. 

Conclusion: Prudential Center Food

Prudential center food is among the NHL’s more well-liked clubs and foods. When the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Boston Bruins, or Florida Panthers come to town, you must think about attending a Devils game. Bayonne Diner, Wine Bar, and Slider House Rules are the place where you can buy your desired food according to your choice.

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