Rogers Place Food – Edmonton Oilers Food

The NHL Edmonton Oilers and WHL Edmonton Oil Kings both call Rogers Place homes. The location, located at 10220 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0H6, Canada, was inaugurated in 2016. It is in the city’s Ice District. 

Market Perogies, Pizza 73, Whyte Ave Bistro, Bobby Nick’s Grill, Reb Bull Energy Zone, Molson Fan Deck, and Mott’s Upper Caesar House are just a few of the restaurants that are located in the venue. The Rogers Place food also serves chicken tenders, burgers, nachos, vegan tacos, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream bars, potato chips, and more.

Besides hosting hockey games, Roger Place also holds a wide range of events every year. Let’s have a look at the details. 

Best Food at the Rogers Place

In 2016, Rogers Arena was inaugurated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Edmonton Oilers’ NHL stadium is now the venue, which formerly housed Northlands Coliseum. The Ice District, a popular entertainment neighborhood located in downtown Edmonton, includes Rogers Stadium. 


In addition to Rogers Place, Rogers Communications also holds the brand name of the Rogers Centre in Toronto and the Rogers Stadium in Vancouver. Oilers supporters and many other people have been brought to the Ice District by the new stadium to take advantage of the food and entertainment options. Rogers Place offers both inside and outside the stadium. 

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Rogers Place Food & Concession Stands

The senior executive chef was assured to incorporate both traditional stadium cuisine and innovative, premium options when putting together the cuisine, beverage, restaurant, and concessions services. So, you can find your favorite foods like pizza, hot dogs, pulled pork, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more. 


The supporter interaction has been improved in other ways as well, including alternatives like all-inclusive meals and in-seat drinks delivery. It also includes cuisine items like brisket sandwiches and more from the eateries and refreshment kiosks. 

So, wherever your seats locate you in the stadium bowl, you can find good beverages and food options when you visit Rogers Place to watch the big match.

Classic Food at Rogers Place

When attending an Edmonton Oilers match at Rogers Place, there are some locations that you must visit on the main plaza, upper atrium, and upstairs. Try Alberta Smokehouse, a locals’ favorite on the main plaza. 

Capital City Marketplace does a good job of representing Alberta on the mezzanine floor. It is worthwhile to pause at Mott’s Upper Caesar House while you navigate the higher concourse. 

Additionally, there are several locations to get a beer close to the arena while you are watching the game, such as Whyte Ave Bar and Craft Draft. The cuisine and services will not disappoint wherever spectators decide to eat around the stadium.

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Food Near Rogers Place

Before NHL games at Rogers Stadium, patrons wanting to get a bite to eat or a quick beverage will discover many excellent options in the Ice District. There are numerous food and beverage alternatives at neighborhood eateries and bars close to Rogers Field for hockey fans attending an Edmonton Oilers match. 

Before NHL matches at the stadium, go to places like Baijiu or Chop Steakhouse & Bar. The cuisine, beers, and other refreshment options at Delux Burger Bar Ice District are ideal for before an NHL game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at Rogers Place?

The cost of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for matches or any other activity at the venue starts at $5 to $7 at Rogers Place, which is equivalent to the cost at many other NHL arenas.

Can you bring food into Rogers Place?

For NHL games or any other activity, you are not permitted to bring external food or drinks inside Rogers Place.

What restaurants are inside Rogers Place?

The new venue has raised the bar with eateries for NHL supporters who go to Rogers Place to see a match. Studio 99, Kindred Food + Drink, and Jasper Ave Eatery are available as options.

How much does a beer cost at Rogers Place?

20 ounces of quite big beer cost $11 at Rogers Place.

Conclusion: Rogers Place Food

Edmonton hockey fans are now delighted with the wonderful choices for food and beverages when they watch a game at Rogers Place, but they are eager and thirsty for a championship in the new stadium. The arena can accommodate 18,500 people for hockey. The capacity of all other events, such as plays and performances, is closer to 20,000 in Rogers Place.

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