Bridgestone Arena (Nashville Predators Stadium)

Bridgestone Arena served as the Nashville Predators’ home court during the 1998–99 campaign. It had its grand opening in the middle of December 1996. The venue, which is in the heart of Nashville, was constructed over about two years for a cost of $144 million. 

The 5,145-seat Music City Theater, which hosts theater performances and Broadway-style productions, can be built out of the venue. The Nashville Predators were established in 1998 and play in the NHL’s Western Conference Central Division.


For example, before game play, participants of other local pro leagues serve as publicity men to start the party, and a group of supporters refers to their segment of the stands as “The Cellblock” and claims to be the strongest in the tournament.

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How many seats are in Bridgestone Arena?

Based on the seating arrangement, Bridgestone Stadium can accommodate up to 20,000 event attendees, 19,395 for basketball, and 17,159 for Nashville Predators matches. You can purchase from standard seating in several places of the stadium, such as the Corner Pub bench seats. 


They are right on the ice adjacent to the Predators’ side, where you can watch NHL play. Additionally, there are apartments, cafes, and other locations for gatherings of visitors, such as Hap & Harry’s Tap Room.

Although some have challenged whether hockey can thrive in the south, Nashville has consistently defeated every single one of those opponents. In Tennessee, the Predators have not only lasted but also flourished. They have a successful record on the ice. For their supporters, they’ve produced an unforgettable match day event in the stands.

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Directions – How to get to Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Stadium is incredibly simple to get to, beginning with going right up to the stadium. It is situated at 501 Broadway in the center of all the activity in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. 

The stadium is accessible from any route inside or outside of the downtown district and is located between Demonbreun St., Broadway, 5th Avenue, and 6th Avenue.

Thus, the Nashville Predators should be pleased to call Bridgestone Stadium home because it is among the top ice rinks in the country.

Where to Park near Bridgestone Arena?

There are many housing alternatives available, both on-site at Bridgestone Arena and in the nearby districts. One local choice is First Baptist Church, which is located right across 6th Street from the stadium. 

There is pre-paid space accessible in several garages and spaces. For all Predators home matches, Lot R at Nissan Arena will be offered for free driving with an additional round-trip shuttle bus for just $3 per person. This will allow fans to avoid paying parking costs altogether.

With SpotHero, the top vehicle parking app in the country, you can reserve inexpensive and convenient parking in advance.

What is the Bridgestone health and safety information?

On October 2, 2021, all guests grown 12 and older will be needed to either present evidence of full COVID-19 vaccination or display a negative COVID-19 PCR or antibodies test administered within 72 hours preceding the event.

  • A healthcare worker
  • Samples are taken at home and given to a clinical lab for handling, according to the Bridgestone Venue website. This requirement will apply to all happenings at Bridgestone Venue, such as Nashville Predators gameplay. Visitors can print the findings from a medical/lab-based network using a home sample that is taken and submitted to a medical laboratory for verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What arena do the Nashville Predators play in?

The Bridgestone Stadium, which was initially built as Nashville Venue in 1996 is the home stadium of the National Hockey League’s Nashville Predators. It is situated at 501 Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee,

Are concerts at Bridgestone Arena Cancelled?

Beginning on October 1, 2021, Bridgestone Colosseum will host musical acts for performances there under the strict health and safety regulations in operation. 

Where does Nashville’s hockey team play?

At Bridgestone Stadium, the Nashville Predators of the Western Conference Central Division of the National Hockey League perform their home matches.

How much is a Nashville Predators hockey ticket?

The average cost of a Nashville Predators match in October 2021 is between $65 and $239. At Bridgestone Stadium, there are three primary sitting zones, as well as extra lounges and other enhanced places. With significantly more tickets in the 300 area on one side than the other, the stadium is not equal.

What hockey teams play at the Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Stadium serves as the home ground for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey Team’s Conference Finals Division Race.

Who owns the Bridgestone Arena?

Davidson County and the Recreation Board of Nashville jointly own Bridgestone Stadium. 

Conclusion: Bridgestone Arena

Nashville hasn’t won a title but they have previously competed in Stanley Cup finals for the Trophy. The Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League (AHL) and the Florida Everblades of the ECHL are lower-league clubs that the Predators are associated with. Despite being a young team compared to some of the NHL’s old guard, the squad and its supporters have established some customs.

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