Honda Center (Anaheim Ducks Stadium)

The Honda center was completed in 1993 for $123 million. The trademark privileges were acquired by Honda in 2006, and they have been extended through 2030. Since the Ducks were established in 1993, the stadium has served as their home court. 

A $450,000 pre-game performance marked the Honda Center’s debut as an NHL facility and as the home of the Ducks. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were the player’s original title, and it was controlled by the Walt Disney Company. The name was borrowed from the 1992 movie. Before the 2006–07 campaign, the club was purchased, and the title was simplified.

Honda Center

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How many seats are in the Honda Center?

The Honda Center has a capacity of 17,174 spectators for Ducks hockey matches, 18,336 for basketball, and 18,900 for events. The Honda Center features luxury boxes, club sitting, and Ducks Party accommodations in addition to various rows of normal seating. Thus, you can check out the dining options at Honda Center!

Seats In Honda Center

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Directions – How To Get To Honda Center?

In Anaheim, California, at 2695 East Katella, the Honda Center is conveniently close to the Orange Freeway (Route 57) and Interstate 5. Supporters should get off of I-5 south at the Disney Way exit and entrance off of Ball Road on either route from Route 57. There are other public transit choices available, like ARCTIC’s bus and commuter railway.

Where to Park near Honda Center?

The Honda Center is surrounded by many parking areas, and following signs off the motorway and into Ball Road or Douglass Road will take visitors right up to the entry gates. According to the Honda Center website, parking rates are below for Ducks events: 

  • $20 for regular parking
  • $35 for premium parking (lots 1 and 2)
  • $40 for bus and RV parking 

Additionally, there are privately held parking spaces nearby by the arena. With Spot-Hero, the top vehicle parking app in the country, you can reserve cheap and convenient space in advance for your car.

Also, you can visit the Anaheim Ducks Spot-Hero Parking Page to make a reservation and cheap rates of up to 50% off the drive-up.

Conclusion: Honda Center

Amazingly, in 2006-2007, the Ducks claimed their lone Stanley Cup. The Ducks have made several bids at greatness throughout their existence, taking home six Division titles in the process. They have built rivals with the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings, two other California-based clubs, as well as their neighboring states.

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