FLA Live Arena (Florida Panthers Stadium)

The FLA Live Arena was completed in October 1998 and cost $184 million to construct. It was formerly known as the BB&T Stadium. The stadium is the second-biggest arena in the Southeast United States and the biggest in Florida. The Florida Panthers of the NHL call this facility home. 

Basketball, women’s football, indoor soccer, and minor football league clubs have all called the venue home. Sunrise, Florida, which is a component of the Miami metro region, is where the FLA Live Center is situated. The NHL gave the Miami region an ownership group, and the Panthers began to play in the 1993–1994 year.


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How many seats are in the FLA Live Arena?

With a capacity of 19,250 for Florida Panther matches, FLA Live Center is one of the bigger NHL stadiums. With numerous specialty seating locations distributed throughout the auditorium, seating is separated into two sections such as the lower 100 seats and the top 300 seats. The stadium can accommodate up to 22,457 people for performances and over 20,000 for basketball games.


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Directions – How to get to FLA Live Arena?

The Sawgrass Expressway, Interstates 75, 95, and 595 are close to Sunrise, Florida’s FLA Live Center, which is situated at 1 Panther Parkway. The majority of the time, supporters will leave the highway and travel along Flamingo Road to Panther Parkway.

Numerous tourist sites are situated near the FLA Live Arena. These include Disney World in Orlando, The Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Strip. This makes it simple for visitors to visit these well-known locations to take in some of their experiences and sights while they are visiting the FLA Live Arena.

Where to Park near FLA Live Arena? 

There is plenty of street parking for Florida Panthers matches around FLA Live Arena. It is also known as FLA Live Stadium, with close to 20 parking areas around. You must be cautious about confirming parking before arriving because some parking spaces are linked to special seating, such as luxury and premium seats. 

Additionally, there are open parking areas on both ends of the building. Most performances at the stadium cost $20 on average. But you must know that locals know you can find free parking across the road at the Sawgrass Mall, and traffic officers are on duty to assure fan well-being as they travel to the stadium. In this way, you can save money by parking your car in the free space area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fans do the Florida Panthers have?

The Florida Panthers has a devoted fan base while being a smaller marketplace club and not playing in the hockey cities of New York, Boston, or Montreal because of the large number of northern immigrants to the Sunshine State.

What does BB&T Center mean?

It is an abbreviation for Branch Banking and Trust Company, a part of a banking-industry organization.

How much is a Florida Panthers hockey ticket?

Tickets for Florida Panthers matches can be commonly purchased for as little as $15 for seats in the 300 area. There are numerous tickets in the lower 100 section that range in price from $50 to $80, based on the particular match.

What hockey teams play at the FLA Live Arena?

The BB&T Center, presently known as the FLA Live Stadium, serves as the home stadium for the Atlantic Division Eastern Conference Florida Panthers.

Who owns the FLA Live Arena?

The county of Broward owns the stadium.

Conclusion: FLA Live Arena

The FLA Live Stadium cost $184 million to construct and debuted in October 1998. Although the league played for the Stanley Cup in 1996, they have suffered a lot just like many startup clubs in major sports. They have gone to the championships a maximum of six times. The Charlotte Checkers of the American Hockey League (AHL) and the Greenville Swamp Rabbits of the ECHL are two small league clubs that the FLA live arena is associated with.

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