SAP Center (San Jose Sharks Stadium)

Since it serves as the San Jose Sharks’ home court, the SAP Center in San Jose has earned the title “The Shark Tank.” For the 1993–1994 NHL season, work on the stadium started in June 1990 and was finished in September 1993. The Sharks play in the NHL’s Western Conference’s Pacific Division. 

The Sharks were established in 1991, and while never having claimed the Stanley Cup, they did reach the championship round in 2016. Each season opener at the SAP Center is launched off with a bit of flair by the Sharks, who approach the arena through the jaws of a huge shark.

SAP Center

If you need to know about the directions, seating capacity, and parking space of the SAP center, you must not stop reading here.

How many seats are in SAP Center?

17,562 people can watch Shark’s home hockey matches at the SAP Center. The 100 sectors and the 200 sectors both have two tiers of seating. The Penthouse Lofts, which are rooms, are also available to rent for group parties. Also, capacity rises by 1000 for basketball and approaches 19,000 for other sports.

Seats In SAP Center

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Directions – How to get to SAP Center?

California, at 525 West Santa Clara Street, is where you can find the SAP Arena in San Jose. You can use Highway 880 from the north of the neighborhood or 280 from the south if you’re traveling to the stadium by car from outside the suitable situation. 

You can use public transit to get to the SAP Center to watch a San Jose Sharks match. Buses from the Valley Transit Authority (VTA) go to and from Diridon Stations. 

With a stop on San Fernando Street at Delmas Avenue and one close to Diridon Station, the VTA Vasona Light Rail also provides service to SAP Center in the San Jose region.

Where to Park near SAP Center?

Normally, two and a half hours before the beginning of the game, parking spaces in the region begin. Parking is available next to the SAP Arena as well as at numerous spots on the nearby streets. For those who want a secure space in the on-site lot, pre-paid registration is available.

With SpotHero, the top parking reservation application in the country, you can reserve convenient and inexpensive space in advance. Also, you must check the San Jose Sharks SpotHero Parking Site to make a reservation and get the original price of 50% off the drive-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the SAP Center?

The SAP Center is the property of the City of San Jose.

Are the San Jose Sharks moving?

There is a risk that the Sharks will have to leave their current back due to the construction taking place around the SAP Center. Since the SAP Center’s current contract doesn’t expire until 2025, many people consider transferring the club to be a last resort.

What does SAP stand for in San Jose?

The German software company SAP is well-known for its ERP solutions. Systems, Applications, and Services in Data Processing are referred to as the SAP.

How old is SAP Center?

On September 7, 1993, the SAP Center was opened after a few more three years of development.

How much is a San Jose Sharks hockey ticket?

The setting at SAP Center is essentially split into two stages: the 100 level and the 200 level. When you determine the price for seating in the same area of the stadium, section 204 seats cost $56 for a play in late October, whereas section 104 seats cost an almost equal $110 for the same game.

What hockey teams play at the SAP Center?

The NHL team San Jose Sharks serves as the SAP Center’s main tenant. The San Jose Barracuda of the American Hockey League call it home as well.

Conclusion: SAP Center

Every year, certain home games are enjoyed by Sharks supporters more than others. The Los Angeles Kings, Colorado Avalanche, and Dallas Stars are a few of the notable teams that will be playing at SAP center. The Detroit Red Wings, Anaheim Ducks, and Seattle Kraken are other teams whose matches are frequently attended at the arena. Not only that but also you will get several food and drink varieties at this stadium to make your event more enjoyable.

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