How do you qualify to get your name on the Stanley Cup?

You must have seen the names of students on school boards. Do you know who are those students and why their names are listed there? It is because they had performed remarkably in their field and they were comparable at that time. Their names are written so that the students in the future get motivation through this act. This is a similar trend in NHL Trophy, the Stanley Cup.

So, Whose Name Is On The Stanley Cup? Players, coaches, managers, and other staff members of a winning team are entitled to have their names engraved on the Stanley cup. Regular-season games played, Stanley cup finals games played, or active affiliation with the team are all taken into consideration. A club may ask to have a name added to the roster that meets these requirements.

New York Rangers

The inscription of names on the Stanley Cup’s trophy

Earlier, when the Montreal Hockey Club earned the Stanley Cup for the first time in 1893, there were no names on the Stanley cup. So, the bowl portion of the cup was customized with the team names of the 1907 and 1915 champions, respectively.

The First Ones

The Victoria Cougars were the first team to have their name inscribed on the cup in 1925. The addition of a ring to the cup for the first time occurred in 1925 when the bowl and base were the only parts of the cup. Since then, it has been engraved with the tags of each Stanley Cup-winning club.

From 1925 until 1997, there were no set rules governing who from the winning team earned their name on the cup. The Detroit Red Wings submitted a list of 55 names in 1998, which the NHL accepted even though they determined that it was an excessive number.

There was a need for the NHL to establish criteria for naming the cup after a player. As a result, the NHL has set a maximum of 52 names on the cup for each team, with certain criteria for both players and non-players.

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How do you qualify to get your name on the Stanley Cup?

The following criteria must be met for a player to be included in the Stanley Cup as a member of the winning team:

  • Played 41 games, or half of the regular season.
  • Stanley Cup Finals: one game
  • A player who was an integral part of the squad but was sidelined during the regular season would be able to have their name inscribed on the team trophy.

Criteria For Goalies

In an NHL season, one of your two goalies will play fewer than 41 games, and frequently only one goalkeeper will play in the championship game. Does the goalie’s name appear on the trophy?

A backup goaltender is needed, and these are the requirements for one:

  • At least 41 of the team’s regular-season games must have been played as a backup.
  • It’s possible that I was a backup for one of the Stanley Cup Finals games.

Non-conformists Have Special Criteria

In the past, teams have been able to appeal on behalf of a player who does not meet this condition. Let’s take a look at a few examples of exceptions that don’t fit well into any preconceived categories.


Despite not appearing in a single game during the regular season or the playoffs, Vladimir Konstantinov’s name was inscribed on the cup in 1998. Detroit won the Stanley Cup in 1997, and Konstantinov was gravely injured in a car accident just a few months later. It was Detroit’s wish that his name is included in the list of those honored.

Chicago Blackhawks

When the Chicago Blackhawks won the Cup in 2015, they didn’t put Anti Raanta’s name on the trophy, even though he played 14 games in the regular season. Despite this, they were able to get Joakin Nordstrom (38 games and 3 postseason games), as well as Daniel Carcillo (39 regular-season games, no playoff games), petitioned and received. Maybe Carcillo and Nordstrom were near enough for the Hawks?

Pittsburgh Penguins

It was in 2016 that Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis was forced off of the team owing to health concerns. As a result of the Penguins Stanley Cup victory that year, the long-serving Penguin had his name added to the trophy. Even though Dupuis did not appear on the ice much that season, he was still an integral part of the squad, providing leadership from the bench.

Stanley Cup Non-players’ Names

Owners, Management, Coaches and staff members have also their names on the Stanley Cup. The only actual criterion is that the individual must be an active member of the team in some capacity. More on this is below. A team cannot just put someone on because they like them.

The following is a breakdown of the many staff positions represented on the cup:

  • Multiple owners 
  • Asst. General Managers
  • President
  • General Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Scouts
  • An assistant trainer
  • A head trainer 

What happens to the Stanley Cup when there’s no more room?

After a certain point, the Stanley Cup would have been unmanageably huge if it included the names of every NHL championship club from the previous century. It would be impossible to transport and celebrate with a prize that continued indefinitely.

For the Stanley Cup, each ring holds 13 teams, and as each ring fills up, the top ring is removed and stored safely at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The original Stanley Cup was never intended to be presented to the winning teams since it was judged too delicate and brittle to be displayed in public. There is now a trophy for champions that can be taken about during the off-season so that players may spend time with it.

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Is there someone whose name has been removed from the Stanley Cup?

The Edmonton Oilers’ owner’s father, Basil Pocklington, was removed from the NHL’s roster. His name was engraved on the trophy even though he had no connection to the organization in any meaningful way.

History Of Engraving Names

An investigation into an incident of sexual assault by the Chicago Blackhawks’ video coach led to his name being removed from the cup. The Chicago Blackhawks asked the Hockey Hall of Fame to remove his name so as not to damage the illustrious history of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a player is injured and cannot play in the playoffs?

If a player is injured and unable to play in the playoffs, they may still have their name engraved on the Stanley Cup if the team decides to include them. However, this is at the discretion of the team.

Are coaches and management staff eligible to have their names on the Cup?

Yes, coaches and management staff are also eligible to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup if they are members of the winning team.

How many names can be engraved on the Stanley Cup?

There is no limit to the number of names that can be engraved on the Stanley Cup, although the size of the Cup limits the amount of space available for names.

Do retired players still have their names on the Cup?

Yes, retired players who had their names engraved on the Stanley Cup as a member of a winning team will always be listed on the Cup for that season.

Who has the maximum Stanley Cups to his name?

His name is inscribed on more Stanley Cup champions than any other player in Canadiens history since Henri Richard played on eleven of them.

Who has won five consecutive Stanley Cups?

The Greatest Leaves of All Time, To put it another way, the Toronto Maple Leafs of 1947-51 nearly became the first club to win five consecutive Stanley Cups. However, they were knocked out in overtime of game seven of the semi-finals by Detroit, who went on to win the Cup, in 1950.

What went on to brad Aldrich’s name on the Stanley Cup?

After the waiver of a report by the Blackhawks documenting how the club had fallen flat to appropriately investigate sexual assault accusations against Aldrich in May 2010, Aldrich’s name was discarded from the roster.

Conclusion: How do you qualify to get your name on the Stanley Cup?

For many years, this trophy has been engraved with the names of hockey players at the end of a long and grueling season. At the Hall of Fame of Hockey, you can stop by a vault where the actual cup is kept.

On their off-season day, players are free to use the cup to commemorate their victory, both as a group and individually. The names on the Stanley Cup trophy are hand-engraved, a custom that only the NHL has continued.

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