What happens to the rings when the Stanley Cup is full of names?

The Stanley Cup’s greatest convention is that the names of the winning team will be written on the trophy’s bottom band. It is so much pleasure to look at all of the skater names inscribed on the Stanley Cup if you ever have the chance to see that person. When you glance at the trophy, you will also note that there isn’t much place for names.

What happens to the Rings when the Stanley Cup is full of Names? What are the rings used for? You must be aware that 13 clubs can fit in each canister of the Stanley Cup. Once a canister is filled, the ancient barrel is removed and placed in the Hall of Fame. Then a second barrel will be installed at the bottom.

You have to keep up with me to get the details about the history and other information about the Stanley Cup. Let’s move on! 

A brief history of rings and engraving added to the Stanley Cup

Lord Stanley presented the Stanley Cup for the first time in 1892. But it was only a simple cup with one band. The professional Canadian winner and the winning team were the first teams to receive the trophy at their expense and under their squad’s name.

A brief history of rings and engraving added to the Stanley Cup

After 1902, the first band was filled up, and the Ottawa Senators didn’t build a second band until 1909. The first squad to place their list to the trophy was the Montreal Wanderers in 1907 on the inner rim. But continuous inscription of the list did not begin until 1924.

Four smaller rings and 2 different basebands that are built into the neck of the cups make up its layout. While the bottom of the trophy includes five bigger rings, each ring can contain the names of 13 clubs.

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The Stovepipe Cup

After the Wanderers established the custom, adding bands to the trophy became a yearly addition that was started in 1924. These bands were smaller rings rather than the big circles you notice on the Stanley Cup nowadays.

The Stovepipe Cup

The Stanley Cup ultimately developed into a tall, wide cup known as the “Stovepipe Trophy.”

A modification of the Stanley Cup’s appearance was required as the Stovepipe Cup expanded and became unsuitable. In 1948 and 1957, the cup was redesigned twice to become what it is today. It got the appearance that it has now and you might have seen that.

What happens when the Stanley Cup is full?

The Stanley Cup was rebuilt to attend the century of its founding, which would have happened in 1992. But the 1965 Montreal Canadiens won two of them and it was a year earlier than expected. The Stanley Cup will have a new band attached to the base when another 13 clubs have succeeded.

There are now three-barrel bands that need to be resigned:

  • From 1927–28 to 1939–40 champions 
  • From 1940–41 to 1952–53 champions  
  • From 1953–54 to 1964–65 champions

The following band won’t be removed until after the 2029–30 seasons. It will be changed when the Washington Capitals begin a brand-new trophy with the 2017–18 campaign.

What happens to the rings?

When the barrel was full, the NHL removed the upper band, which represented the winners from 1927–1928 through 1939–1940. They transferred it to the Hockey Hall of Fame to place upright on the side of the trophy cabinet.

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How long does your name stay on the Stanley Cup?

How long your name stays on the Stanley Cup varies according to the season. The very first time they add a new barrel to the Trophy is the finest opportunity to get your name on it. 

How long does your name stay on the Stanley Cup

In the final year, a place on a barrel will be empty before a fresh one needs to be installed. It would be the most undesirable time to see it. This would indicate that it would require between 52 and 65 years before a name was removed from the Stanley Cup.

What are teams getting their teams removed from the Stanley Cup next?

The next group of squads from 1965–1966 to 1977–1978 will no longer participate in the Stanley Cup. The key highlight of this is that neither the Philadelphia Flyers nor the Toronto Maple Leafs will hold the Stanley Cup for the present world once this ring is removed in 2029–30. 

Both of those clubs are on a prolonged losing streak and must beat it within the next 11 years. This will help to keep their player names on the trophy.

It is also disheartening to consider some of the skater names that will no longer be on the Lord Stanley’s Cup. The stars Bobby Orr, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, and Bobby Clarke are just a few names from this era.

What are the Current Dimensions of the Stanley Cup? 

Original Bowl (Silver) 
Height 18.5 cm / 7.28 inches
Diameter 29 cm / 11.42 inches
Full Stanley Cup Height – 89.54 cm / 35-1/4 inches Weight – 34-1/2 lbs. – 15-1/2 kg
Bowl Height – 19.05 cm / 7-1/2 inches Diameter – 28.57 cm / 11-1/4 inches Circumference – 88.9 cm / 35 inches
Collar 15.87 cm / 6-1/4 inches
Shoulder Height – 8.25 cm / 3-1/4 inches
Barrel Height – 46.35 cm / 18-1/4 inches
Base Diameter – 43.81 cm / 17-1/4 inches

Conclusion: What happens to the rings when the Stanley Cup is full of names?

What happens to the rings when the Stanley cup is full of names is the frequently asked question by many hockey fans. When the Stanley cup is filled with names as there can only inscribe the names of 13 clubs at one time, then the old band will be removed and the new band will be added at the bottom. This will be added for the new winning teams. 

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