Why are hockey arenas called gardens?

There are several alternative names for sporting venues. It includes a barn, forum, center, and arena. But have you ever questioned why the name “garden” has been adopted by a variety of hockey rinks? What connection exists between a hockey rink and a garden? Why are hockey arenas called gardens? 

Madison Square Garden was the first venue to be referred to as a garden. They changed the name of the venue from Gilmore’s Garden. Furthermore, the term “garden” is used to refer to a sizable public location that is used for gatherings. The next venues that have been given the name “garden” have copied it from Madison Square Garden.

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Madison Square Garden

The Madison Square Garden in New York was the initial hockey rink to be referred to as a garden. Firstly, you should be aware that there have been four Madison Square Gardens. And the first one that appeared was given a new name.

Everything began in 1874 when P.T., the Ancient Roman Hippodrome was created by Barnum from a disused railway terminal. After Barnum left the rink, Patrick Gilmore was given a contract on it in 1876.

Madison Square Garden

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But why Garden?

The venue would become Gilmore’s Garden after Gilmore. Although the platform had never been a garden, other constructions in the New York region had been given this name. There was Niblo’s Garden, an auditorium, and Castel Garden which was an amusement complex. 

This would be consistent with the idea that a vast place for public gatherings was historically referred to as a garden.

Gilmore’s Garden staged events such as flower displays, beauty pageants, and musical performances in New York. But no one was sure why exactly he termed it a garden.

Later, William Vanderbilt would purchase the structure from Gilmore, and on May 31, 1879, he formally changed its name. Due to the estate’s location at 26th Street and Madison Lane, Vanderbilt decided to preserve the term Garden but add Madison Square.

The venue has moved venues four times and is currently in its fourth version. But it has always retained the name Madison Square Garden.

Boston Garden

Bostonians might not appreciate this with the competition between Boston and New York in sporting events, but it all began in New York! Madison Square Garden had four iterations over its history, as it was already stated. 

Tex Rickard constructed and managed the third season. After constructing Madison Square Garden, Rickard had a strategy for building seven additional ones throughout the state.

Madison Square Garden

A duplicate of Madison Square Garden was built in Boston by Rickard and local businessmen. It was given the name Boston Madison Square Garden in honor of its founder. 

On November 17, 1928, the Boston Madison Square Garden would begin. Boston Madison Square Garden’s title was changed to Boston Garden not long after it had opened.

Three years after it had officially closed in 1995, the historic Boston Garden was ultimately destroyed. Along with the sponsorship moniker being inserted earlier, the new Boston Arena was also handed the moniker Boston Garden.

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Maple Leaf Gardens

The Toronto Maple Leafs contested their home games in the Arena Gardens during the first 13 years of their history. It was constructed in 1912 and the Arena Gardens could accommodate 7,500 people.

Maple Leaf Gardens

Conn Smythe felt that a new stadium was required to construct because the existing one was too little. The Maple Leaf Gardens was a new venue for the team and opened for business in 1931. It was unclear why the Arena Gardens and Maple Leaf Gardens were given the name Gardens rather than another moniker. 

However, it is feasible and possible that it adopted the moniker of the most well-known venue of the time, Madison Square Garden.

Conclusion: Why are hockey arenas called gardens?

Why are hockey arenas called gardens? It is fair to conclude that venues with names like Gardens are a tribute to and recognition of Madison Square Gardens. It was the most well-known venue in the industry. When a stadium is referred to as a Garden, it is truly a tribute to the legendary event venue that came before.

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