What is a Point in Hockey? Explain with Examples!

If you don’t know much about hockey, then the term “point” can confuse you. It is because this term is used in various ways during the game of hockey. So, it is essential to make it clear what is the point in hockey to get a complete understanding of this game. 

In hockey, a point will relate to one of 3 items. It can be a spot on the ice where defenders stay close to the blue circle in the attacking zone, a player who scores a goal or helps another player, or what a team receives after a victory or overtime loss. This also impacts the rankings and final position of the team.  

Also, there is a lot more to know about points during this game. Let’s start!

What are Points In Hockey?

Defensive players can use the point as a positioning guide when they are in the opposing or attacking area. In this area, they are in a position that is close to the blue circle. Although defenders are the ones who defend the point, sometimes attackers can also fill that role, particularly during a power play.

Additionally, a defenseman will not play the point when he is protecting or performing his job on the field. So, this phrase is used to refer to someone who is within the attacking area’s blue line.

Point in ice hockey

When the opposite side tries to retrieve the puck, the point’s goal is to retain the puck in the attacking area. You can achieve this by simply stopping it before putting the puck back into any attacking zone position.

The point can also be utilized in defense of an opposing method. To provide the point with a decent shot at the goal, players will throw the puck out to the point. While it is challenging, it is possible to score from the point. 

The puck can be diverted and rebounded when hit from the point. Thus, the point is like the quarterback during a match and executing the play with the opposing side.

Do Goals and Assists Both Count as One Point?

Before you move to the next stage, it is essential to understand whether goals and assists both count as one point or more. So, the answer to this question is yes. They both will count as one point during the match.

Do Goals and Assists Both Count as One Point

The NHL (National Hockey League) allows a maximum of two assists for every player who will make the score. 

The last two players on the goal-scoring side to contact the puck are given assists. They will get assists after retrieving control from the opposing team before getting a score.

In other terms, each of those individuals receives assists if one team takes the ball from the opposing team and passes or touches it twice before scoring a goal. A goal will just have one assist or not have any at all.

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Examples For Reading Points Stats

The players will receive one point for every goal and assist. All of the goals, assists, and points each player gets during the match are listed at the bottom of the match’s scoreboard.

Below is the example for reading points stats

  • If a player gets 1 goal and 1 assist, it will count as 2 PTS
  • If a player gets 0 goals and 2 assists, it will count as 2 PTS 
  • If a player gets 1 goal and 0 assists, it will count as 1 PTS 
  • If a player gets 1 goal and 0 assists, it will count as 1 PTS 
  • If a player gets 1 goal and 0 assists, it will count as 1 PTS

Here the PTS represents the Points which is the sum of goals and assists. You must remember that: Goals + Assists = Points. 

It means 1 goal and 1 assist will be a cumulative of 2 points.

Does The Leader Of Total Points In a Season Get An Award?

Yes, the leader of the total points in a season receives an award. This award known as Art Ross Trophy will be given to the player who earns the maximum points for the year. Also, the player who finishes the final series with the highest points in the National Hockey League receives the Art Ross Trophy each year.

The Leader Of Total Points In a Season Get An Award

This is a huge achievement for a player who played well all the season. This award is given each year as an appreciation of your success.

How Many Points Does a Player Get In a Season?

Well, how many points a player will get in a season depends upon the players and their performance. There are so many different kinds of players playing the game. That’s why there is a large difference and range in the total points for a player who participates in an entire season.

Connor McDavid is the leader of NHL session 2021-22

Some members of the league have attacking skills, while others are more defensively inclined. In this way, a player who competes throughout the entire season will score between 20 and 100 points. 

There is a good possibility you will get a deal if you can keep up a 40-point rate or better. 

Here is the list of top 10 point leaders table for 2021-22:

NoName of PlayersTeamPoints (PTS)
1Connor McDavidEdmonton123
2Johnny GaudreauColumbus Blue Jackets115
3Jonathan HuberdeauCalgary Flames115
4Leon DraisaitlEdmonton Oilers110
5Kirill KaprizovMinnesota Wild108
6Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafs106
7Steven StamkosTampa Bay Lightning106
8Matthew TkachukFlorida Panthers104
9J.T. MillerVancouver Canucks99
10Mitchell MarnerToronto Maple Leafs97

Conclusion: What Is a Point in Hockey?

In short, there are different methods for a player to get a point in hockey. A player can get a point by achieving a goal to start the game. The other method to get a point in hockey is when someone achieves a goal or provides an assist.

Also, if a player earned the highest scores all the season, he/she will be awarded a trophy. Before leaving, do share your remarks with me! 

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