What Happens If You Hit a Goalie in Hockey?

To prevent the scores of the other side, a goalkeeper can move out of the zone. He can still maintain his control outside the net. Thus, goalkeepers and players are permitted to engage in various specified moves. But a goalkeeper cannot be regarded as a regular team player in the game. 

Here the question is, can you hit the goalie in hockey

No, you cannot hit the goalkeeper in any case during the game. Players cannot treat the goaltender as fair game when they are on the field. So, in hockey, it’s against the rules for a player to strike the goalkeeper.

Also, you must be aware of some factors about goaltenders that are not allowed during the game. I am going to discuss them. Let’s go ahead! 

hit the goalie in hockey
Hit A Goalie

Contact With a Goalie Outside Of The Crease

Many people think that when the goalkeeper exits his position to hold the puck, they can play as a regular player. Also, some people assume that goalies are very skilled and professional, so they can be body checked. But it is not possible at all. 

A goalkeeper is permitted to play the puck and move out, but they are still protected by the regulations of the game. According to the rules and regulations, they cannot be body checked.

Goalie Outside Of The Crease

It is permissible for a player to use a stick to try hitting and taking the ball from the goalkeeper. There can be direct contact between the goalkeeper and the player. It happens when the player tries to take the puck from the goalkeeper and struggles for it. 

No matter how close your own goal is, there is never a situation where you can strike the goalkeeper. Also, the player is never permitted to body-check the goalie while he is aside from the ball.

So, whether it is inside or outside the crease, a player is not allowed to hit the goalie according to the rules of the game.

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Why Would Players Want to ‘Hit’ the Goalie?

The goalie is allowed to exit his position and handle the ball. He would not worry about getting his body checked by an opponent.  It is because, in the NHL, the goalkeeper is the most essential role and he is protected by the rules. 

Players Want to ‘Hit’ the Goalie

In hockey, hitting the goalkeeper’s “face” is a technique that can be used to try and make more scores. To make the goaltender’s vision of the action invisible when he is in his area, players will struggle to hit him. 

One of his players will try to hit on him and give him minor scrapes. The umpire would not consider these scrapes as hits. All of these strategies are against the law and could result in a fine. But players commonly do this.

What Consequences does a Goalie Have to Face? 

The goaltender is forced by the players to throw the puck and leave the game. The goalie normally gets irritated when he is treated in any way that is against the rules. It is because he is aware that he shouldn’t be hit. 

Additionally, when a goaltender is hit in any way, his players also become irritated. In this way, this will affect the performance of their team. Being a goaltender is such a difficult job that it takes a lot of attention to maintain focus on the ball. He has to block strikes that are coming at 100 miles per hour during the game.

does a Goalie Have to Face

There is no chance that a goalkeeper should be restricted in their attempt to save the puck since that would render it just too tough. It would not require much to lose their attention.

Furthermore, goalies are also permitted to stop the puck outside of the zone in specific circumstances. 

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Why Does Contact With a Goalie Outside of the Crease Happen?

While inside the area, goalies are not permitted to get any strikes. But there can be unintentional interaction with opponents. Goaltender intervention occurs when a player intentionally makes interaction with his goal line.

Goalie Outside of the Crease
Hit The Goalie

If a player makes unintentional strikes, this results in no consequences for any team. Thus, it is entirely permissible for players to hide the goalkeeper. To do this, they can place themselves behind him if he goes forward through throwing procedures.

A player can touch the ball with their stick before the goalkeeper is even touched. This would indicate that they have touched the ball and can get a score.

Conclusion: What Happens If You Hit a Goalie in Hockey?

When you ask if you can hit the goalie in hockey, the answer is no. It is not allowed to hit the goalie in the game. According to the rules of the game, any player who will hit the goalie will have to pay a penalty.

Besides that, the goalie can come out of his position and can hold the puck to play with it. Share your experience with me about this article. 

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