UBS Arena Food – New York Islanders Food

The NHL franchise New York Islanders plays at UBS Stadium in Belmont Park, New York. The arena, which rebuilt the initial arena, Nassau Coliseum, debuted in 2021. It is located at 2400 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY 11003. If you don’t know where this venue is on Long Island, it’s near Queens and around 20 miles from Manhattan.

When you go to UBS stadium, you will see places like Classic Stadium Food, Grab N Go, Amazon Go, Sausage Stand, Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, Heineken Terrace Bar, and Tailgate Bar for your desired food.

Now let’s move towards the details of these places at the UBS arena.

Best Food at the UBS Arena Food

The National Hockey League’s Ponies call Elmont, NY on Long Island’s UBS Stadium their home, close to New York City. The opening ceremony of UBS Stadium is scheduled to match with the 2021–22 National Hockey League campaign. This makes it the newest facility in New York’s entertainment and sporting industry. 


It serves as the home court for the New York Islanders. And because of its Long Island setting, it is a highly anticipated arena for live entertainment. The stadium’s drinks and food facilities are managed by the entertainment firm Delaware North.

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UBS Arena Food & Concession Stands

The UBS Arena’s dining options, bars, and refreshment stands are made to accommodate both hockey games and entertainment options. Delaware North and UBS Stadium have joined to add fresh gourmet expertise to the region for the enjoyment of the spectators. 


Beginning on launch night, their industry-leading talent will deliver delectable cuisine delicacies to the greatest location in the city of New York. The new venue intends to raise the bar for restaurant and beverage options. It offers grass-fed beef, tempting cooked dishes, and approved USDA organic food products.

Classic Food at UBS Arena Food

At New York Islanders games, Delaware North strives to use at least 75% of the foodstuff from sources within 300 miles of the stadium. You will be served locally produced, hormone-free meats whenever they are feasible. 

It is difficult to predict what will withstand the test of time in the early days of UBS Stadium given these factors, along with digital payment systems, a quicker checkout procedure at concession booths, and food and beverages offering unmatched by any other stadium. 

Fans of the New York Islanders can expect both arena staples and fresh menu items from Delaware North.

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Food Near UBS Arena Food

It is commonly known that New York City is a destination where you can find food from all over the country. The New York Islanders hockey game is a great time to eat out near UBS Stadium at places like CD for Caribbean food, Mateus’ Restaurant and Bar for seafood and Portuguese nourishment, and Italian Affairs for authentic New York City pizza. 

On your route to UBS Stadium, you can stop in several areas for delicious Italian, Greek, Irish, Chinese, and other international cuisines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at the UBS Arena Food?

For both NHL games and live entertainment options, UBS Stadium will offer meals at a range of different prices.

Can you bring food into the UBS Arena Food?

No, external foodstuffs will not be permitted inside UBS Stadium. Thus, for updates and concessions to the rule, you must visit the website.

What restaurants are inside the UBS Arena Food?

The arena has five significant club rooms, and table service eating is run by both Patina Restaurant Group and Delaware North.

How much does a beer cost at UBS Arena Food?

Delaware North’s beer prices will be comparable to those at other sports arenas in the New York City area. 

Conclusion: UBS Arena Food

UBS Stadium hosts several festivals, events, live entertainment acts, shows, and more in addition to hosting hockey games. You will get all of the choices for food and beverages available at the UBS arena food in this article. Within this arena, you must be aware that smoking is not allowed.

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