Top 5 Most Boring Teams in the NHL

When sharing tickets, it is always predicted which matches will be chosen first. They are constantly trying to schedule matches with the competitors and the NHL’s best squads, such as Pittsburgh, Washington, Tampa Bay, or the original six teams. On the other side, it appears that the same old clubs were left to the climax.

Which NHL clubs are the dullest? The clubs with the least star quality or who like to perform a compact defensive game are the most boring. Often this is very much the same. The New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Arizona Coyotes, New Jersey Devils, and Minnesota Wild are the top 5 most boring teams in the NHL. 

Let’s discuss the details of the top five boring teams of the NHL.

1. NY Islanders

Why are New York Islanders listed? They failed to reach the championship game last year after making the playoffs the previous two years. Yes, they did, but being successful doesn’t guarantee that you won’t also be boring. 

In the NY Islanders’ situation, it contributes to their victory. The Islanders are a middle-of-the-pack squad in terms of talent. They possess a few talented skaters, like Mathew Barzal, who is among the team’s most talented youngsters. But they cannot win based only on skill.

The only method the Islanders have been able to win is by playing a compact offensive match and winning a lot of low-scoring matches.

NY Islanders

Barry Trotz, the trainer of the NY Islanders, is a brilliant coach who has put in place a structure that the skaters precisely adhere to. It necessitates that the side plays a low-risk stifling approach that relies on taking advantage of unforced errors to score goals.

For the Islanders, a common playoff game involved getting outscored significantly, such as 35-20. But they still managed to win 2-1. The majority of shots that the Islanders allow are from the outside and do not present good opportunities to score.

Most of the options the Islanders have to shoot are against them. But they do achieve goals in the few instances when they do. It is a good formula for the Islanders, but tedious for everyone else!

2. Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers team had such a promising beginning. In their second season, they advanced to the Stanley Cup final. They established a wonderful ritual of tossing plastic toy rats into the ice. It seems like it would be a unique venue to play the sport.

Then, the administration and ownership must have decided for some cause that they didn’t like the residents of Southern Florida. It is because they have consistently assembled below-average squads year after year. 

They would receive a prize for maintaining their level of mediocrity. Not only has this administration resulted in a poor product on the rink, but Southern Florida’s supporters also lack enthusiasm.

florida panthers

The fellow Florida squad and its opponent, the Tampa Bay Lightning, have gained two Stanley Cups in the last 20 years. It is difficult to justify the supporters for not wanting to travel to witness a squad that doesn’t even reach the playoffs.

The terrible crowd at home matches is the main determinant of the Panthers’ inferiority. The statistics indicate that participation is usually around 12,000 every game. While in practice, participation in some matches is probably closer to 5,000–7,000.

There is no mood or excitement during the matches. It is unfortunate as Southern Florida’s supporters have demonstrated their willingness to support the club. But first, they need to be provided with a group that is at least marginally competent.

You can only expect that Barkov, Huberdeau, and Ekblad will be able to save the spectacle in the future. You would adore seeing the rat appear again!

3. Arizona Coyotes

How many instances in the last 17 years have the Arizona Coyotes reached the Stanley Cup postseason? The answer is 4 times. It takes a lot of effort to reach the playoffs so infrequently. 

What number of playoff games have the Coyotes played since moving to the valley in 1996–97? The answer is 2. Yes, only twice, and both times were in the 2011–2012 year.

The Coyotes’ lack of high-caliber skill has made them uninteresting rather and they haven’t been very successful. I think Shane Doan is a great hockey skater. But he is not the kind of skater who will make you jump out of your chair with his brilliance.

arizona coyotes

The Coyotes have not had thrilling attacking players in the history of their organization. There were Keith Tkachuk and Jeremy Roenick at the beginning, but not many others after that.

The Coyotes have focused on their defense during the past ten years due to their inability to select any high-end exceptional skaters in the draft. Although it hasn’t helped them achieve like the Islanders, it has prevented them from collapsing in the rankings. It also prevents them from acquiring top draught selections and star players.

I don’t expect the Coyotes to experience many changes shortly. It is because they lack a first-round pick in 2020 or 2021. Darcy Kuemper is their superb goaltender and he will try to help them win matches, but they won’t put on a thrilling performance to do so.

4. New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are the hockey squad that comes to mind when you search for “boring” in the dictionary. They have been the group that first played dull hockey. The 1980s high-flying hockey period with Gretzky and Lemieux gave way to the sluggish puck period in the 1990s. 

The period of the inert puck was characterized by limited scoring and a fortified defense line. June 24, 1995, is the exact date when the transition was finished. 

What took place on that day? Well, the Stanley Cup was taken by the New Jersey Devils. The Devils had by far the greatest defensive squad. It prevented them from winning the Stanley Cup by having the top attacking team like the Oilers or Penguins did.

New Jersey Devils

Guided by Martin Brodeur in net alongside Scott Stevens, Scott Neidermayer and Ken Daneyko on defense the New Jersey Devils were a defensive force. The squad succeeded in winning matches 1-0 or 2-1 because they thought they could. 

They would employ a strong defensive strategy and wait for errors from other sides before scoring on the attack or a penalty kill. As the NHL is a copying game, other clubs in the league adopted the Devils’ defensive strategy. They did this after realizing that they didn’t have to get an attacking superstar to win matches but would rather do so with a very conservative defense framework.

The period of the dead puck was completely launched which was marked by low-scoring matches. This practice seems to have been continued by the New Jersey Devils today. Even though their defending stars have long ago retired, they have never made the ice exciting.

The Devils can change their behavior in the future when it comes to young sensation Jack Hughes. But for the time being, I won’t be going out of my way to watch them play.

5. Minnesota Wild

In 2000, the Minnesota Wild played in their first year. The Wild performed better than anyone anticipated for an expansion franchise, and by their third season, they had qualified for the postseason. They advanced to the Western Conference Finals.

Why did they succeed? Well, Jacques Lemaire, their trainer, was largely responsible for this. When the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup in 1995, Lemaire served as their head coach. He gave the Minnesota Wild the same low-risk good attacking defensive approach. 

The only way the Wild were going to prevail was on the defensive. It is because they lacked offensive potential with high levels of ability. They executed it expertly as well.

Minnesota Wild

The only issue was that Minneapolis residents were the only ones who loved watching the individuals perform. Even though I would follow them if I had free tickets, I didn’t want to pay to view the Wild play back then.

Similar to the Devils, the squad has maintained its reputation as a defensive shut-down unit. The Wild have never performed poorly enough to acquire top draught choices and explosive studs that can completely change a franchise. 

They did appear to be improving when they acquired highly sought-after free agents Ryan Suter and Zach Parise. But those two skaters never truly helped the team move to the NHL’s top. The Wild will have a difficult time over the coming years and will keep planning without a clear sense of self or enthusiasm for their future.

The best thing that might happen to them is to consistently place in the bottom five and to gather some high-caliber new talent. They could completely change the squad.

Conclusion: Top 5 Most Boring Teams in the NHL

I have briefly described the details of the top 5 most boring teams in the NHL. They include the New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Arizona Coyotes, New Jersey Devils, and Minnesota Wild. Although they are the best ones, they are boring as well.