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Although Staples Center debuted in 1999, it continues to have a brand-new automotive look. Perhaps this is due to the large number of celebs who enter through its glass panels. Whatever the cause, attending a concert or a sporting event at Staples Center, the homes of the Kings, Lakers, Chargers, and Sparks, feel unique.

The Staples Center has a distinctive look beverage that is served during the NBA/NHL 2021–22 years and varies with the year. The beverage is created with premium alcohol, costs $15, and is delivered in an appropriate glass. The California Poppy, the latest beverage, is the hue of a Hawaiian sunset.

Let’s get more details about it.

Best Food at the Staples Center Food

It is situated in downtown Los Angeles near the conference center and serves as the stadium of the NHL’s L.A. Kings. The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clips play their home games at the Staples Center.

Food At Staples Center

No matter what match you want to attend, the venue offers a wide variety of food choices on the main concourse and in various locations. You can always get a hot dog at this stadium, just like at other ones. But you also have options like Ahi Poke Tuna Nachos, several kinds of tacos, turkey pastrami sandwiches, and chicken and pulled pork dinners.

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Staples Center Food & Concession Stands

No matter where they are seated, fans who want to dine at the Staples Center don’t have far to go. Along the top and main hall of the stadium, you can find places to buy practically anything you can imagine.

Staples Food Center

Among the choices near your seats are Dave’s Doghouse, Goose Island, and Tap Haus. Burgers, smoothies, chicken nuggets, and food markets can all be found at Salt & Char.

Classic Food at Staples Center Food

There are various eateries in the stadium that offer sushi if you prefer to eat like the natives do while watching a Los Angeles Kings match. You must try a crispy chicken sandwich from LudoBird within the Staples Center. You can choose it with either a traditional or spicy flavor.

As you travel throughout the stadium, you’ll see that nachos are available in a diverse variety. So, you may not want to miss them for any Kings, Lakers, or Clippers matches. It includes Wahoo’s Tacos, which serves chicken, fish, and beef.

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Food Near Staples Center Food

There are many bars and eateries close to the Staples Center if you are traveling to see a Los Angeles Kings match. One excellent option is Yard House on Olympic Boulevard, which offers a wide variety of options, such as sandwiches, tacos, and American favorites.

You must try Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, also on Olympic Blvd., for steaks in a little more premium setting. El Cholo is a terrific spot to go any time of the day for tacos, nachos, and border things in an informal environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at the Staples Center Food?

A trip to the Staples Center will require a significant cost for refreshments, just like it would at any other stadium. Snacks and some beers begin at $8 or less.

Can you bring food into the Staples Center Food?

There are no outside items of any type permitted in the venue.

What restaurants are inside the Staples Center Food?

Within the stadium, there are places like The Lexus Club, Levy, Golden Row Brew House, Impact Sports Bar and Grill, Bus Stop, Cooke’s Corner, and others that provide anything from sushi to steak to sandwiches to nachos for you.

How much does a beer cost at Staples Center Food?

There are many places to buy beer in the stadium. The Budweiser Coolers on the main plaza provide options that begin at around $8.

Conclusion: Staples Center Food

Among different food options, you will love having the special drink at staples center food. Absolut Elyx, Greenbar Distillery Poppy Amaro, elderflower nectar, and cherry sweetener are combined to make the special beverage of this arena. For the full sunset look, an orange juice floating is placed on top.

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