What do Hockey Players do to the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley cup is the most precious and prestigious championship trophy in the entire universe. As a part of an NHL team, obtaining the Stanley Cup ensures that you will always be regarded as a “winner” for the remainder of your life. Being a member of a team that wins the Stanley Cup is a major accomplishment for each player.

What do hockey players do to the Stanley cup? They keep this trophy for the rest of their life and engrave their names on the trophy. They celebrate their success by arranging a party. A player will receive a customized Stanley Cup band, a personalized day with the Stanley Cup at a location of their choice.

Hockey Players do to the Stanley Cup

4 perks players get for winning the Stanley Cup

Below are the 4 perks players get for winning the Stanley cup: 

  1. Name Engraved on the Cup
  2. Stanley Cup Ring
  3. Personal Day with the Cup
  4. Bonus Money

1. Name Engraved on the Cup

It will be a great reward for a player who plays hockey as a childhood dream of winning the Stanley Cup. The fact that your name is inscribed on the Stanley Cup is among the most remarkable aspects of receiving it. For each new year, other clubs like the MLB, NFL, and NBA produce a new award. Not in the NHL.

Name Engraved on the Cup

The Stanley Cup has a long tradition and history as it has been given to the winner for many years. Every team that has been awarded it has its skaters’ names inscribed on it. In this way, when a skater wins this trophy, their name will be inscribed next to the legends and Hall of Famers.

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2. Stanley Cup Ring

A Stanley Cup ring is awarded to every winner of the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup victory is represented by the band or ring. The band represents the squad that each skater played for throughout the Stanley Cup Championship season.

Stanley Cup Ring

Each member of the team will be given a special historical Stanley Cup band. As no two victory bands are the same, there is no standardized ring given to each skater. Instead, it is the job of each squad to create and manufacture its bands. And these rings are costly.

For example, the Stanley Cup ring from the St. Louis Blues.

These details are printed on each of these rings:

  • Fifteen round sapphires
  • 16 Blue Sapphires with customized cuts
  • 20 princess-cut diamonds
  • Total Diamonds: 282
  • Carrots, 10.6

Each of the rings features a St. Louis Blues motif and includes the following:

  • Name and number of the player
  • Act Gloria (the rally cry song)
  • The winning game scores are inscribed
  • Laila (engraved name of inspired fan) (engraved name of inspirational fan)
  • Blues logo with the St. Louis Arch

3. Personal Day with the Cup

It is the best chance to make the victory day memorable. Each team member is allowed to spend a special day with the trophy where they like, which is a fantastic custom. The majority of players decide to go back with the Stanley Cup to their birthplace or upbringing.

Personal Day with the Cup

As hockey is a global sport, the Stanley Cup is normally played in the summertime. It will make a stop across Canada and the United States as well as in nations in Europe like Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

Below I am going to describe what professionals do with the Stanley Cup:

  1. Martin Brodeur arranged a street hockey game with all of his old pals. The top team got the opportunity to join the Stanley Cup round. 
  2. Mario Lemieux hosted a large get-together at his residence and did some swimming.

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4. Bonus Money

The deals a player signs with the league are paid out throughout the year. It excludes any prizes they will receive for achieving individual or group awards like the Stanley Cup.

The NHL put aside a monetary fund pool to be distributed among the winning teams. Thus, the club is not giving them any cash during the finals. Depending on how well they perform in the finals, the sum of revenue is split between the participating clubs.

So, a team that loses in the initial round will receive less money than a team that wins the Stanley Cup.

Following are the final financial groups for various previous and upcoming playoff years:

  • 2016-17 and 2017-18: $15 million
  • 2018-19 and 2019-20: $16 million
  • 2020-21 and 2021-22: $17 million

Conclusion: What do Hockey Players do to the Stanley Cup?

What hockey players do to the Stanley cup depends upon the personal choice of the winners. Commonly, they are given a band with a trophy, they engrave their names on it, and make their day memorable when they receive this award. Also, they get bonuses as rewards.

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