Prudential Center (New Jersey Devils Stadium)

The Prudential Centre, the New Jersey Devils’ arena, can be found in Newark which is New Jersey’s downtown commercial center. The Prudential Center took exactly two years and $450 million to build, and it finally opened for business in October 2007. Big league sporting events were introduced to Newark’s downtown core by the stadium. 

Also, Prudential center’s site took advantage of the city’s transportation hubs to make access simple from all areas. The Kansas City Scouting, which later changed its name to the Colorado Rockies and then the New Jersey Devils, were established in 1974. They previously held their regular season games at Meadowlands Stadium.

Prudential Center

They immediately became opponents of the Rangers and Islanders as well as the Philadelphia Flyers a few miles to the south because of their close location to New York City. Let’s get more details about it! 

How many seats are in Prudential Center?

The Prudential Center can accommodate up to 18,711 fans and players and 16,514 hockey fans. The stadium contains several suite floors, normal seating levels, a dining level, loft sitting stages, additional bars, cafes, and specific food sections, among other facilities.

Seats In Prudential Center

You can pick or order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant and enjoy your match or event. This way, you can get your family or friends on a vacation at this center.

Due to the architecture’s use of paneled sides of the Venue’s brick and metal outside, much of the outside building moved rapidly.

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Directions – How to get to Prudential Center?

From either the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike, it is simple to reach the Prudential Center. This is situated at 25 Lafayette Street in Newark, New Jersey. Once off the freeway, tourists can travel from Rector Street to Broad Street. Then they can turn left into Lafayette Street to get to the stadium from practically any location. 

The Prudential Center is also easily reached by train or public transportation, as Newark Penn Station is only a few streets away. Supporters can utilize the PATH, which runs every day of the week and all day long, to Newark Station. In this way, they can travel a short distance to the venue.

Where to Park Near the Prudential Center?

Within two blocks of the stadium, there are 3,500 parking spaces available at the Prudential Center. Using a mobile phone application or online, it’s simple to pre-pay and proceed directly to your place. In this way, you can secure your parking. 

Residents are aware that by simply walking a few more streets, you can reduce your parking costs in half. Also, you must try Mulberry Avenue rather than the spaces immediately at the stadium for $15 parking.

With SpotHero, the top vehicle parking application in the country, you can reserve inexpensive parking in advance. Besides that, you should check out the New Jersey Devils SpotHero Parking Website to make a quick and easy reservation to get the original price of 50% off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What city do the New Jersey Devils play in?

The New Jersey Devils’ arena, the Prudential Arena, is situated at 25 Lafayette Street in Newark, New Jersey.

Why are they called the New Jersey Devils?

The squad’s name comes from a local story. The South Jersey Pine Barrens is claimed to be the home of the Jersey Devil which is also referred to as the Leeds Devil.

How much is a New Jersey Devils hockey ticket?

Sections 1 through 22, the 100-stadium floor, and the 200-seating level make up the three primary Lowers stadium portions for the New Jersey Devils. Additionally, there are apartments, club seats, and other specialty spaces. In October, tickets to a Devils midweek match start at just $24. It will take you more than ten times as much to sit on center ice in the Lowers, where tickets begin at $270.

What hockey teams play at the Prudential Center?

The Prudential Center, which is situated at 25 Lafayette Street in Newark, New Jersey, is where the New Jersey Devil perform their home matches.

Who owns the Prudential Center?

The Newark Housing Authority owns the Prudential Center, which is run by Devils Arena Entertainment.

Conclusion: Prudential Center

Gilbane began working on the Prudential Center in July 2006 and finished it in 14 months. Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr., Chairman of Gilbane, states that this was a massive task with a demanding schedule. After a sluggish start, the Devils have developed into consistent Stanley Cup and postseason challengers. In this way, they dominate their region nine times en route to three titles.

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