PPG Paints Arena (Pittsburgh Penguins Arena)

Consol Energy Center initially received the name rights for PPG Arena, which debuted in August 2010. The Penguins performed their first contest in the stadium during the 2010 preseason. When team president Mario Lemieux decided to remain in the area as part of the new stadium, which would be constructed for the following 30 years, local hockey fans were thrilled. 

The city’s general comeback has been assisted by the stadium, which was completed this year. It is located in Pittsburgh’s city center. In Pittsburgh, the excitement generated by spectators watching a penguin score in a state-of-the-art stadium is overwhelming. 

PPG Paints Arena

Former Pittsburgh Penguin Mario Lemieux, who now owns the team, is always searching for ways to improve audience engagement and experience. I am going to discuss PPG Paints Arena in detail. Pull up your socks and come with me!

How many seats are in PPG Paints Arena?

When looking at the stadium allocation chart for Pittsburgh Penguins matches, ice hockey supporters have many options. The capacity for National Hockey League matches is over 18,000 people. From 2010 through 2014, PPG Paints Stadium hosted Arena Football League matches with seating for just over 16,000 spectators. 

Seats In PPG Arena

Now the stadium has a capacity of roughly 20,000 for performances. There is a capacity of 19,000 basketball fans when a game takes place in the venue. You can browse the dining options at PPG Paints Stadium if you are interested.

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Directions – How to get to PPG Paints Arena? 

Routes 79, 22, and 376 make it simple to go to PPG Paints Stadium to see the Pittsburgh Penguins play at home. Fans that are traveling to regular season matches, can depart at 6th or 7th streets and head to the PPG Paints Arena parking spaces based on their path and directions. 

The Pittsburgh Light Rail System’s Steel Plaza terminal provides service to the metropolitan region, which includes the hockey arena. Ice hockey enthusiasts and other spectators can minimize traffic by traveling to the stadium using public transit from anywhere in the city.

Where to Park near PPG Paints Arena?

For Pittsburgh Penguins matches at PPG Paints Center, parking is accessible in the nearby Jim Shorkey public spaces. On the Fifth Avenue portion of the arena, at the Peoples Entrance, there is a drop-off facility. 

Parking at the nearby grounds or in the facility connected to PPG Paints Centre typically costs $32. Locals are aware that a small bit of walking might help them save money. In areas a few miles from the venue, parking can be purchased for as little as $8.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time can you enter PPG Paints Arena?

PPG Paints Center typically opens its doors one hour before concerts, arena football games, and hockey games.

Who paid for PPG Paints Arena?

As part of a casino development agreement, a collection of nearby casinos contributed to the building of PPG Paints Stadium. They are managed by Neil Bluhm, who was chosen by the Pennsylvania Casino Control Board.

How much is a Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Ticket?

A typical Pittsburgh Penguins game costs $155 per ticket. It is mainly based on where you are regarding the stage floor or ice, as it does with all venues. PPG Paints Arena is among several NHL venues that have recently opened and offer supporters of all events a wonderful experience.

What was the name of the Penguins stadium before PPG Paints Arena?

Consol Energy acquired the rights to the name in December 2008 and the venue was first known as Consol Energy Center (CEC), which is now known as PPG Paints Arena.

Conclusion: PPG Paints Arena

In the 2010 offseason, the Penguins performed their first match in the venue. The Lemieux Group was directed by club owner Mario Lemieux. It reached an agreement with Pittsburgh to remain in the city for the next 30 years as a component of the new stadium that was constructed and was a wonderful experience for local hockey supporters.

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