Nationwide Arena Food – Columbus Blue Jackets Food

If you are attending a concert or tournament and want a good and wholesome lunch, you must consider Nationwide Arena Food. Nationwide Stadium Catering offers restaurant-caliber food that is specially prepared for sporting events.

You can use this to order anything from pizza to sandwiches to wings. Nationwide Arena Food also offers a variety of options for all cuisines because everyone has distinct food preferences. So, you must pick Nationwide Arena Food whether you are heading to a match or simply need a tasty snack!

What are the details of nationwide arena food? Let’s explore it now!

Best Food at the Nationwide Arena Food

Nationwide Stadium is the Columbus Blue Jackets home ice that is situated in Columbus, Ohio’s Arena District. It is home to numerous pubs, eateries, office complexes, and housing structures. 

The triple-A baseball team Dublin Clippers’ home ground, Hammond Field, is situated in the Stadium District. 

Food At Nationwide Arena

The Blue Jackets are a member of the AHL’s Cleveland Browns and compete in the Metropolitan Region of the Eastern Conference. Similar to many NHL venues, Nationwide offers a large selection of restaurant, drinking, and cuisine alternatives both within and outside the building.

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Nationwide Arena Food & Concession Stands

Concession shops and restaurants can be found on the major and upper terminal of Nationwide Stadium. This makes it simple for hockey fans to dine as they play. There is a wide selection of stadium classics, including hot dogs, gourmet burgers, beer, soda, popcorn, nachos, and pizza. 

Nationwide Food

For those with special dietary requirements, the National Venue’s dining options have included gluten-free dishes and other possibilities. 

Additionally, Tim Horton’s doughnuts, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, Skyline Chili, and other well-liked lunch and dinner options are available to Columbus Blue Jackets supporters. They include bratwursts, cheese fries, and Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Classic Food at Nationwide Arena Food

The most well-known food in Columbus, Ohio, is Skyline Chili. If you’re going to a Columbus Blue Knights match or another event at Nationwide Stadium, you must experience it. 

If you’ve eaten Skyline Chili on a former visit to the area, Arena Smokehouse’s pulled pork, chicken, and brisket are fantastic options. Local supporters will also recommend Bob Evans, which provides the bratwurst options at Nationwide Auditorium. 

The administration of the stadium has ensured that during a match, fans will get what they need on both the main concourse and the top level.

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Food Near Nationwide Arena Food

The Stadium District in Downtown Columbus, Ohio, has gone above and beyond. It helps to ensure that tourists and spectators have a wonderful time. Nationwide Stadium is close to several eateries and bars that serve fans that are attending a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey match. 

Nationwide Stadium is a short distance from several restaurants. Nada is the location to go to if you’re seeking a Mexican restaurant. Would you like to eat burgers, steaks, or chops before a match? If you require it, Ted’s Montana Grill has it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at the Nationwide Arena?

At Nationwide Stadium, popcorn and other small appetizers start at around $5. Thus, a standard burger will cost between $7 and $8.

Can you bring food into the Nationwide Arena?

Nationwide Stadium does not permit the entry of outside items for Columbus Blue Jackets matches.

What restaurants are inside the Nationwide Arena?

There are more than a hundred bars and restaurants in the Stadium District outside the stadium, so there is less requirement for a sit-down restaurant inside.

How much does a beer cost at Nationwide Arena?

National and local brewers, including Columbus-based Land Grant Brewery and North High Brewery, offer beer at the stadium during games and other occasions, with prices starting at around $8.

Conclusion: Nationwide Arena Food

The Columbus Blue Jackets play their home games at the Stadium District. It is a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, which features pubs, eateries, office buildings, and apartment facilities. The nationwide arena food offers a huge variety of food items that can fulfill your lunch or dinner requirements.

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