What are the most popular teams in the NHL?

Every club has a few well-known players and squads that represent the team. The New York Yankees come to mind whenever you think of baseball. The Dallas Cowboys pop to mind when you think of football. So, when you consider the NHL, what clubs come to your mind? Which NHL team has the greatest popularity? 

When you talk about the most popular NHL teams, the Original Six such as Montreal, Toronto, Boston, New York Rangers, Chicago, and Detroit, and Stanley Cup finalists are the most well-liked clubs on a national scale. Although there are other big squads, they gain appeal and popularity in more isolated places.

How these squads got popular and what is their record in NHL history? Let’s go ahead and find the answers to these questions.

The Most Popular: Original Six

The Original Six are without a doubt the most well-liked clubs. The six clubs that were a member of the advanced NHL when it began are known as the Original Six. This team aligned with NHL growth in 1967 and 1917, the NHL had just 4 clubs. This was a considerable achievement indeed.

The original six teams are given below: 

  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Boston Bruins
  • New York Rangers
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Chicago Blackhawks

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So, what makes these squads so popular? 

A combo of history, folklore, and the geography of the city of these clubs’ players is what gives them a lot of popularity.

History and Lore

The Montreal Canadians are the Original Six clubs that capture tradition and legend. The Toronto Maple Leafs with 13, is the team with the second-highest number of Stanley Cup victories. It trails only the Montreal Canadians with 24.

Montreal has incredible stories and heritage to go with its success. They have a large number of Hall of Famers, and when people think of a hockey team, they think of their club. Due to this, hockey was created in Montreal and the NHL was established there.

The Original Six have been in existence for such a long time. So, they have ancient ties in their regions and devoted followers.

For example, Detroit refers to itself as Hockey-town USA. They have devoted hockey supporters who stick with the Wings through thick and thin and now it is thin. So, that is the reason, it is appropriate. The majority of Canada and the US have adopted this tradition of the Original Teams.

History and Lore

Who would you support if you didn’t live near an NHL club before additional towns began to receive licenses in 1967?

People would choose a club for a variety of reasons. It includes a player they loved, the opportunity to listen to the match via the radio, or even just because they loved the team’s slogan. They choose one of these six teams for whatever reasons.

The surprising part is that they kept supporting one of these Original Six teams even after their community acquired its own NHL team. While they did support the community club as well, they have maintained their first passion.

Also, they commonly give their children a passion for the club. In this way, the fame cycle repeats as their progeny support the team that their parents support.

Huge Populations and Centers 

The fact that these First Six teams are located in big cities with millions of people indicates that they already have a large fan base automatically. Due to North America’s geographic mobility, these population hubs have shifted around Canada and the United States.

Huge Populations and Centers

So, it is not surprising that there will be a large Blackhawk group of fans present when the Chicago Blackhawks visit Arizona to meet the Coyotes. 

It seems logical that there would be a large number of Blackhawk supporters in Arizona given the large number of Midwest-born Americans who have relocated there.

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Winning Teams – Big Stars

The other most favored clubs are not very surprising and are successful and boast great players. You would immediately think of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals after reading the last line, right?

The Capitals with Alexander Ovechkin achieved their first Stanley Cup three years ago. On the other hand, the Penguins with Sidney Crosby have won all 3 cups in the last ten years.

The NHL’s two most well-known players are Crosby and Ovechkin. They have made the Penguins and Caps must-see events whenever they visit an NHL town.

Winning Teams - Big Stars

The Edmonton Oilers and Vegas Golden Knights are the other two most well-liked groups right now. The NHL’s newest shiny thing is the Vegas Golden Knights. They have been existing for three years, and they are very good, unlike other startup clubs. They are so talented that you can say they are a serious Stanley Championship contender.

Everyone loves to watch this squad that has taken the NHL by surprise. So, the ambiance at matches is fantastic in Vegas, and they continue this on the road.

The Edmonton Oilers is the other club that is a must-see club for now. This isn’t because they have a great squad but because Connor McDavid is a great player all over the world. 

McDavid is referred to as a legendary player, one that excels even the other hockey legends and only appears once every 20 years or so. To see what McDavid will accomplish next, everyone wishes to see him for themselves. 

It will be difficult to prevent McDavid from getting a Stanley Cup if the Oilers can surround him with a little bit of extra skill. He is so skilled that he almost has done it alone.


NHL towns determine ticket prices for each match based on the visiting team. There are free matches and then there are paid matches. Luxury matches would be between well-known clubs, such as the Original Six, or regional rivals.

The appeal of a squad as a venue for viewers depends on the area in which it plays. It is also based on the rivalries it has with the other clubs in the area.


For example, premium matches in Calgary would include contests with Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. 

Flames supporters have a hard time sleeping if they play against the Oilers, Canucks, or Jets. It is because they don’t like those clubs and never want to lose a match with them. It indicates that they would have a great match between them. Besides that, each squad has a unique list of competitors.

Conclusion: What are the most popular teams in the NHL?

Most popular NHL teams have the best record in the history of the NHL as compared to other squads. The most famous clubs include the initial six clubs such as Montreal, Toronto, Boston, New York Rangers, Chicago, and Detroit. It also includes the squads that won the Stanley cup with huge achievements.

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