Who scored the most goals in one NHL season? (and how it happened)

Every game has its record of the most highly achieved scores and prizes. Hockey statistics revolve around scores or goals. The majority of the finest achievements are achieved by just one player in the hockey game.

Who won the most goals in the NHL season? In the 1981–82 NHL year, Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers established a record with 92 points. This record is still among the highest records in games. In the 1970–71 NHL seasons, Gretzky beat Phil Esposito’s former record of 76 points.

There is detailed information about how Wayne set this record in the history of the NHL. If you are interested, keep following me and get to know this.

Who scored the most goals in one NHL season?

The legendary Wayne Gretzky established several NHL statistics that will never be broken. In hockey history, Gretzky has achieved the most goals. Gretzky had a career of 894 scores and 2,857 points throughout his 20 years as an NHL pro player.

most goals in one NHL season

How did Gretzky break the record?

Gretzky’s third NHL campaign started in 1981–1982. He had already made a name as the club’s most spectacular offensive skater. He got this fame by winning the Art Ross award in the previous season for achieving the most goals. He set a team record for the most points scored during one year. He made 164 points after scoring 55 goals and 109 assists.

People know that Gretzky had already set the record for most scores and he can do even better in the recent game. But nobody knows what his next move will be.

Gretzky started the 1981–1982 NHL games with an explosive scoring rate. Gretzky recorded 13 goals in 13 matches in October after not scoring in the season’s start two matches. He kept progressing in the next match and scored an incredible 18 points in just 13 matches in November.

Gretzky scored his 50th score against the Philadelphia Flyers in his 39th match. This might have been the most remarkable success of the entire campaign. He accomplished this by hitting his fifth goal of the contest into an empty Edmonton net when the crowd became wild.

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Whose record did Gretzky break?

Phil Esposito was the previous NHL skater whose record Gretzky broke. Esposito was a 1970s professional player and star in the NHL. 

In 1970–71, he played well and had amazing success. He finished the match with 152 scores based on 76 goals and 76 assists. 

Whose record did Gretzky break

After that, Gretzky came along and beat them in NHL history for achieving more goals and assists. Before Gretzky, Mike Bossy was the one who broke the record by achieving 68 goals in the 1980–81 season. On February 24th, 1982, Gretzky scored his 77th goal of the season against the Buffalo Sabers.

Who is the next closest to Gretzky?

Gretzky is the player that is next in the NHL record. Gretzky would establish his new career record with 87 goals in the two years after his 92 goals per season.

the next closest to Gretzky

Brett Hull might be the next-closest player who finished the 1990–91 campaign with 86 goals. Mario Lemieux, who recorded 85 goals in 1988–89, was the only other player to achieve 80 goals.

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Will the record ever be broken?

No, it cannot be broken. Nowadays, several of Gretzky’s achievements are regarded as unbeatable. Gretzky is the best offensive player to ever participate in the sport of hockey. He has achieved many goals and scores that can be the biggest achievement for any player. 

Gretzky performed in hockey when there were more points made overall. A period of high-scoring and hectic hockey was begun by Gretzky and Lemieux.

Will the record ever be broken

For example, Alexander Ovechkin’s 65 points in 2007-08 are the nearest to the active player, Gretzky. Steven Stamkos, who played in 2011–12, was the last player to achieve 60 goals.

Moreover, if you score more than 50 goals in the latest NHL, you can have a very high chance of winning the Rocket Richard trophy. You can get this award for making the most scores in the league.

The Last Five Seasons

  • Pastarnak/Ovechkin – 48
  • Ovechkin – 51
  • Ovechkin – 49
  • Crosby – 45
  • Ovechkin – 50

Top 10 Goals Scored in a Single Season

NOPlayer Year Goals 
1Wayne Gretzky1981-8292
2Wayne Gretzky1983-8487
3Brett Hull1990-9186
4Mario Lemieux1988-8985
5Alexander Mogilny1992-9376
6Phil Esposito1970-71  76
7Teemu Selanne1992-9376
8Wayne Gretzky1984-8573
9Brett Hull1989-9072
10Jari Kurri1984-8571

Conclusion: Who scored the most goals in one NHL season?

Wayne Gretzky was the one that had the most goals in the NHL season. He has shown exceptional performance in matches and set a record for having the highest goals and scores. In 1982, he made 92 goals and set a record. 

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