How much do NHL coaches get paid? (with salary tracker)

Each hockey lover always remains in search of every minor detail about the hockey game, Players, Goalies, and Coaches. Many of them wonder about the coaches’ salaries. If you are one of these hockey lovers you must be curious to know about the coaches’ salaries.
So, how much do coaches get paid? The salary of the NHL head coaches can range from $1 million to 6$ million per year and 2.5 million to 3$ million on average. Coaches salaries are a little hard to know because their salaries are not needed to announce. Their salaries are mostly revealed by some local reporters.

But, do not worry we are going to let you know about the average salaries that coaches take their homes every year. Let us dig into the article without any further late.

Why coaches’ salaries are not necessary to reveal publicly?

The main reason behind the coach salaries that are not revealed to the public is a separate union. All hockey players are paid under a proper union. This union decides the player’s salaries and they also decide whether the players’ salaries should be public or not.

There is no union to decide whether the coaches’ salaries should be disclosed publicly or not. Therefore, the coach’s salary is not public and not easy to expose publicly as well. Luckily, some local coaches’ reporters help hockey lovers to know hockey coaches’ salaries. But still, these reporters are not able to reveal the salaries of all the coaches.

NHL Coaches Salary

Until 1989, Players’ salaries were also not public. Even they didn’t release their salaries to each other. But soon they decided to announce their salaries publicly in order to push their salaries higher. This was a good way for the players to bargain their salaries to a decent amount.

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NHL Coach’s Salary Structure

There are two types of salaries that NHL hockey players get paid.

Base salary 

The base salary of an NHL coach is fixed. To pay this salary NHL must consider the time a coach is working with the current hockey team as well as the year left to end the coaching contract with the coach.


The bounces of all the hockey players are not fixed. The bounces vary according to the following factors.

  • Team’s performance
  • NHL coaching contracts (if they are short-term or long-term contracts)
  • If a team wants to rebuild
  • If a team is facing some financial issues

The salary of the coaches increases with an increase in the performance and the experience of their work.

Coaches’ Salaries are Guaranteed 

It means that the coaches have a guaranteed contract for their salaries. When any coach signs a contract for a specific time period they will get paid for that time period even if they are fired. Let’s say a  coach signed a contract for 2 years and got fired due to any reason his salary will not stop throughout these years.

Coaches Salaries Guaranteed 

He will be paid his salary even if he is fired after one month of the contract. There might be a case where one coach gets fired from one team and hired by another team he will receive the salary. But it doesn’t mean that the coach will get a double salary. 

The team needs permission to talk to the fired coach because now he is under contract for another team. There are many cases about the coaches’ salaries about which we know nothing.

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Coaches Salary Trackers

Team Coaches Contract lengthSalary 
Arizona Coyotes VacantN/A N/A
Boston Bruins Bruce Cassidy Extension starting in 2020-21$3 million/year
Buffalo SabresDon Granato Interim N/A
Calgary Flames Darryl Sutter3 years starting 2020-21N/A
Carolina HurricaneRod Brind’Armour3 years starting 2018-19 N/A
Chicago BlackhawksJeremy Colliton2 years starting 2018-191.5$ Million/year
Colorado AvalancheJadran Bednar 2-year extension
starting 2021-22
Columbus Blue Jackets Brad Larsen3-year contract starting 2021-22N/A
Dallas starsRick BownessInterim N/A
Detriot Red WingsJeff BlashillExtension for 2021-22$8 Million on the previous contract
Edmonton OilersDave Tippett3 years starting 2019-20 $2.75 to $3.0/ year
Florida PanthersJoel Quenneville5 years starting 2019-20$5 million+ up to $1.75 million/year
Los Angeles Kings Todd Mclellan5 years starting 2019-20$5 million/ year
Minnesota WildDean Evason2 years starting 2020-21N/A
Montreal CanadiensDominique DucharmeunknownN/A
Nashville PredatorJohn Hynes3 years starting 2020-21N/A
New York IslandersLindy Ruff5 years starting 2018-19N/A
New York RangersBarry Trotz5 years starting 2018-19$4 Million/year
Ottawa SenatorsVacantN/AN/A
Philadelphia FlyersBj Smith3 million starting 2019-20N/A

Guaranteed Salary and a High Turnover Rate

Hockey coaches feel really grateful when their teams performed well and win the Stanley Cup in the finals. In the opposite case, NHL coaches become stressed, face depression, and feel sorrow when their teams lose the game. 

The NHL coaches rarely stay in their positions for a good time period. Therefore they need a contract before starting work with a team. They get satisfied that they will receive the money even after getting fired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do NHL coaches receive bonuses or other incentives?

Yes, many NHL coaches receive bonuses and incentives based on their team’s performance, such as making the playoffs or winning the Stanley Cup.

Do NHL Players Earn Weekly?

No, NHL players earn daily throughout the season. They do not earn per game or weekly. But they get paid semimonthly throughout the season.

Are NHL Coaches Part of the Salary Cap?

No, the Salary Cap doesn’t include the NHL coaches. Because once Walsh said, “ It’s one of the sole areas a big market team or a team with an owner willing to commit financial resources to a head coach, can do so to a competitive advantage in the salary-cap era”

Who are the highest-paid NHL coaches?

As of 2023, the highest-paid NHL coaches are Joel Quenneville of the Florida Panthers, who makes $6 million per year, and Mike Babcock, who was recently fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs but still receives $5.875 million per year until the end of the 2022-2023 season.

Are NHL coaches’ salaries publicly disclosed?

No, NHL coaches’ salaries are not publicly disclosed. However, some contracts may be leaked or reported by reputable sources.

Conclusion: How much do NHL coaches get paid?

Many hockey lovers search for hockey coaches’ salaries. Hockey coaches do not reveal their salaries publicly. The main reason behind this is a union. Hockey coaches do not have a union to decide whether their salaries should be reported publicly or not.

The only way to know something about the NHL coaches’ salaries is through the local reporters. They reveal their salary to some extent. The hockey coaches can earn from $1 million to $5 million depending on their experience and performance. In short, they earn a good amount of money to take home.

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