How many Stanley Cups are there in hockey?

The Stanley Cup is a trophy that NHL hockey players win in the NHL championship. Stanely Cup is the most famous trophy compared to the other trophies for different game players. The oldest first Stanely trophy was donated in 1892 by Lord Stanely. But still, there are others.

How many Stanley Cups are there in actuality? In short (3) three. Actually, there are three Stanely cups one of them is the Dominion challenge cup, which is the original one, the Second is the presentation Cup, and the third one is the Hockey Hall of Fame Cup.

Now I’ll give a detailed answer to this question in this article. Read the article till the end to know all about the Stanley Cups.

How many Stanley Cups are there?

Many hockey fans are not familiar with the actual number of Stanley Cups. Most of them just know about just one Stanely Cup that is awarded every year to the NHL champions. It’s not true actually there are three Stanley Cups for the NHL hockey Championship.

These three Stanely Cups are mentioned below:

  • Original Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup
  • The presentation Cup
  • The permanent Cup
Hockey Hall Of Fame Cup

The original Dominion Cup was awarded to NHL winners till 1970. Then, the president of the NHL decided to make another Stanley Cup. NHL thought that every NHL-winning team will be awarded this second Stanley Cup when they win.

Lastly, the Third Stanely Cup was introduced to display in place of the second Stanely Cup. It means that the Hockey Hall of Fame is not displayed and is being used as the award for the   NHL winners. The third (permanent ) cup will be displayed in its place.

1) Original Dominion Cup

This Original Dominion Cup was the first and oldest Stanely Cup that Lord Stanely Donates till 1892. At the start original Dominio Cup had a base with only one ring and then the rings were increased with time. Whenever a team wins an NHL championship one ring was added to Stanley Cup to show that another team wins the Cup.

Original Dominion Cup

After some years the Orignal Stanley Cup was looking like a “StovePipe”. In 1948 or 1957 this Cup was sent for a redesign.  The real shape of the original Stanely Cup was changed and that was the shape we are familiar with now. The first Stanely Cup was donated by Lord Stanely to the NHL champions in 1970. 

Then they noticed that the Cup is becoming older with the passage of time. Soon, it will not remain the same as it is. To overcome this problem another Cup presentation Cup or the Hockey Hall of Fame was Introduced. The Hockey Hall of Fame was an exact copy of the original Donomion Stanely Cup.

2) Presentation Cup

In 1963 Montreal silversmith cart Peterson created the presentation Cup. This was the second Stanely cup after the original Dominion Cup. Clarence Campbell (president of the NHL) decides to replace the first Stanely cup with another. Because he thought that the Original cup was becoming older with time.  

Presentation Cup was the second Stanely Cup that is awarded to winners instead of the original Stanely cup. Players do not just see this Cup during the Award ceremony but they also find an opportunity to take the Cup home once in the summer. The presentation Cup remains busy 200 days per year. 

There are two facts the hockey lover Should Know:

  •  If you see the presentation Cup you will notice a seal on the Cup on the bottom when the players lift it up. We can see the seal clearly when players lift the Cup up after winning the game.
  • The other fact is errors on the Presentation Cup. Many hockey lovers are not familiar with the errors in the Presentation Stanley Cup. Moreover, this Cup has never been sent for repair.

3) Hockey Hall of Fame Cup

The Hockey Hall of Fame Cup was created to display in place of the presentation cup. Whenever the presentation cup is not available to display, the third Stanely cup is used for this purpose. Many hockey fans ask why the Hockey Hall of Fame Cup was Introduced. Before these third and second Stanely cups, the original Stanely Cup was used for both purposes as an award for the NHL winners and display as well. 

Hockey Hall Of Fame Cup 

The Original Cup was becoming older so the second ( presentation) Cup was created to display and present the award to Champions. Then the Presentation cup become busy and it was not available often for display. 

Therefore, the third Cup (Hockey Hall of Fame) was created to display in place of the presentation cup. In 1983 the permanent cup was created when the presentation cup was no more available to display.

Who gets their name engraved on the Stanley Cup?

Engraving the name on the Stanely Cup became a trend in 1924. This was because the Stanely cup does not create every year for each winning team. This is a way to memorialize the name of the champion for an endless time.

Winning players, coaches, owners and some other organization members have engraved their names on the Stanely Cup. If a player plays a half-season or Stanley Cup final at least once his name will automatically be engraved on the Stanley Cup

There is a specific criterion for the other team players to engrave their names on Stanely Cup. Furthermore, nonplayers are allowed to engrave their name if they have any association with the club.

Conclusion: How many Stanley Cups are there in hockey?

There are three Stanley Cups in real. One is the original Stanely cup, the other is the presentation cup and the third one is the permanent Stanely cup. The original Stanely Cup was the first cup used to display when it becomes older the second presentation cup was created. Lastly, when the second Stanely cup was no more available for display then the third permanent Stanely cup was introduced to display.

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