How Long is a Hockey Game? Complete Guide

If you are a game lover, especially a hockey lover and you buy a ticket to a live hockey game or have any pay-per-subscription. You must be excited to know the exact time for which the hockey game will last. This will also help you to be prepared for an impressive start with snacks in your hands. So, How long is a hockey game? 

The standard hockey game last for 60 minutes which is a documented time according to the NHL. Usually, it takes a long time than we expect but we can estimate the time for satisfaction. Many factors like overtime, intermission, and breaks can increase the playtime of hockey.

As a hockey lover, you would also love to look at all the information about how long is an ice hockey game. Let’s dig into all the information you need to know for an NHL game.

How long do Ice Hockey games last?

The average time for an NLH hockey game is 60 minutes which is divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes. Sometimes, the game is extended if the score is tied after a complete game which might lead to a hockey game for 94 minutes. In the case of a tie again teams will get overtime followed by a shootout. But the game does not take 60 minutes, it often takes 2.5 to 3 hours to finish.

How long do Ice Hockey games last

Note: We recommend you expect 3 hours for a hockey game. Grasp your favorite snacks and be prepared for these hours.

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Did an NHL Hockey game always take 60 minutes to end?

Earlier to the 1910-11 seasons, games were played for 2 × 30 minutes without any stop (because at that time there was no stop time). During the seasons 1927-28 stop time was introduced with a short 10-minute of intermission. After that in the 1966-67 season intermission time was increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes (5 minutes increased). Now the intermission lasts for 18 minutes mostly.

Did an NHL Hockey game always take 60 minutes to end

How long do Ice Hockey games actually last?

In real how much time a hockey game takes depends upon various factors some of which are below:

  • Intermissions 
  • Shootout 
  • Formalities 
  • Stops

In between the first two periods, there is a 17-minute intermission for nationally televised games. But, in other games intermission is less which is around 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Hockey game often stops due to goals, penalty calls, puck-out-of – play. 

How long do Ice Hockey games actually last

These stops lead a hockey game to last for longer than 60 minutes. Similarly, sometimes the game also stops due to a tie between two teams and is followed by a shootout. These are some factors that make a hockey game longer and also beyond 2.5 hours.

What happens during the intermission?

Hockey players go to their restrooms for some rest. They take some snacks like fresh fruits, juices, and some water. Coaches tell the strategies and tactics to their teams to get a good position and also prepare them for the next period of the game.

What happens during the intermission IN NHL

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Be prepared for an NHL game and collect good memories

If you are reading this article chances are that you are going to attend an NHL for the first time. When you go for the first time there are many things you are not familiar with, which can lessen your excitement. You might face many new things so, we are going to let you know the things you should keep in mind. The following are the things to remember before going to enjoy a hockey game.

Wear Your Team’s Color

While watching the game you are definitely gonna support any of the two teams. Wear a matching color shirt to your team’s color to show your support. This will increase your excitement and you will get a good experience.

Extra Money for the Snacks

When you go to the NHL game you find high prices for snacks from markets price. Remember those high prices and have some extra money in your wallet than usual. So, you can grasp your snacks before starting and fully enjoy the game.

High-Quality Camera

Having some pictures during the game or with any player will be an amazing memory for you. If you sit far from the ground you would need a good quality camera to capture good memories. So, take a high-quality camera with at least 13-megapixel. After arranging a high-quality camera ensure it has a full battery and enough memory.

Consider Game Day a Cheat Day

NHL game day proved a cheat day for diet-conscious persons. If you are one of them you have to accept the truth and eat oily food. Because all the food items you get there would be oily. Using warm water will help you to be hydrated all day as well as maintain your digestion.

How to be safe during an NHL game?

No doubt, hockey is an exciting game and you should enjoy watching it. But, during the game, you can find yourself unsafe, especially if you go there for the first time. Must follow the given precautions:

  • Don’t Go Alone: Going alone can be a bad experience for you because you might feel uncomfortable and unsafe in the crowd. If there is any problem you have to face it all alone. For example, You sit in the wrong seat. Go with your family or friends you will enjoy and feel safe.
  • Sit in a Visible Area: Never sit in any less visible area it can be dangerous.Sit between the crowdy area.
  • Don’t Stand Up Again & Again: If you stand up to many people behind you would not be able to watch properly. This may start an argument and ruin your day. So, stand up freely when all people are standing up and cheering up.

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If the Hockey game starts at 7 PM, what time will it end?

When a hockey game starts at 7 pm we assume it will end at 9:30 pm. But, you should expect much time beyond 9:30 because it often takes a long time due to intermissions. An ice-delay problem like injuries, any surface problem, or glass damage can also cause the NHL game to last for a long.

What is the longest NHL game ever?

In 1936, the longest NHL game took place between the Detroit red wings and Mosteral Marons. The game started at 8:30 PM on Tuesday and ended at 2:25 on Wednesday morning. It was 176 minutes and a 30-second long game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do other professional league games take?

60 Minutes There are 3 time periods each of 20 minutes in the NHL and it lasts for 60 minutes. If the game ends in a tie between both teams game is played overtime for  5 minutes. This increases the time period for the game.

What is the average length of the NHL?

There is not any exact figure to indicate the time an NHL takes. It completely depends on the factors like intermissions, shootouts, and overtime. The estimated average time for NHL is 2 hours and 20 minutes. 

Conclusion: How Long is a Hockey Game?

If you are a hockey game lover and buy a ticket to watch live NHL for the first time, you must know how long is a hockey game. A hockey game is 60 minutes long and divided into 3 periods each with 20 minutes. But it often takes 2-3 hours due to intermissions, ice delays, or overtime. Earlier there was no stop time and now it’s 18 minutes. The longest hockey game was played in 1936 for 176 minutes.

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