How does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey? Explained with Scenarios!

If only one goaltender participates in the match for your squad, it is simple to determine who won or lost. But it can be confusing in the case when the backup goaltender participates in a match. Which goalkeeper is declared the winner if the team has won when the backup goaltender enters the match?

If a goalkeeper is in the net when their team wins the goal, this goal will make it one head in the total score. So, they will be given the win in a hockey game. It doesn’t matter how many goalies were in the match; what matters is who was there when the game-winning goal was made.

If you want to know about NHL goalie wins, game-winning goals, and other regulations, then go below and read out the winning facts about hockey.

Goalie get a Win in Hockey

How Does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey?

When a team player wins a goal and the goalkeeper is in the net, this point will make it one head in the final goal. This way, they will win the hockey match. So, you might get the idea that it doesn’t matter how long the goalie was in the match. What matters is who was there when the game-winning goal was made during the match. 

How Does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey

It is simple to choose which goalkeeper will win the match if there is only one goalkeeper in a team. But there can be two goalkeepers in the match such as the main goalkeeper and backup goalkeeper. In that case, you will have to check the goals or scores of a team when their goalkeeper is in the net and team players score.

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What is the Game Winning Goal?

The game-winning score is the one score that will help one team to win over the other team to lose by one goal. The game-winning score will be an advantage for the winning team to get success in the match. 

Game Winning Goal

According to the NHL rules, a game-winning goal is stated as below: 

The game-winning goal is a goal that puts the winning Team one point ahead of the opposite team. This goal will be made after the total result has been decided. 

It is a popular misperception that fans would become fascinated by the number of points made by the champion team. It would not count if you will defeat the attacking team by 1, 2, 3, 4, or 100 points because points don’t matter for winning the game. 

Instead, a winning team will only require one point more than the opposite team to win the match and it will count as a game-winning goal.

Which Goalie gets the Win?

Let’s examine several potential game outcomes and which goalie gets the wins: 

Scenario #1

Sometimes, the game does not start at a good point. In this case, one team will play well and the other will not. When the opposite team will dominate to a 4-0 lead, the Coach will change the main goalkeeper with a backup goalkeeper to save the team. 

In this situation, who will win the game? The backup goalie will win the game. The backup goalkeeper came into the game and helped the team to win the game. He will stay in the net when the goal-winning point is made, which will be the 5th goal. In this will, he will get the victory.

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Scenario #2

Your starting goaltender can get an injury when the match is 2-1 on your side at the beginning of the third session. This will be bad but the team players will continue playing the match to win 3-2 due to your backup goaltender.

Who will be the victor in this condition? The backup goaltender will get the victory. It is because the backup goalkeeper came into the game for the final score which was the third score. In this way, the backup goaltender will score the third goal to win.  

How much both the initial and backup goaltender played in the match does not matter. Even if the initial goalkeeper played more time than the backup goalkeeper, he won’t get the win. The winner will be the goaltender who was in the net when the game-winning goal was made. 

Scenario #3

Your squad scores a goal within 9 seconds after the match begins. They will set a team record for the quickest score at the beginning of a game. 

At the 1-minute point of the game, your goalkeeper becomes wounded and must exit the field. This will call the backup goalkeeper and the squad continues to play and wins the game 4-0. 

Who is the victor? In this case, the starting goalkeeper will be the winner of the game. The team players can pull the goaltender when they require a point.

Conclusion: How does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey

I have tried my best to describe how an NHL goalie wins. If a team scores one point more than the opposite team, that team will get the game-winning goal. If your goalkeeper becomes wounded at the 1-minute point, he must exit the match. In this case, the backup goaltender will be in the game and the first goaltender will get the win.

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