Who is the highest-paid player in the NHL?

Being hockey fans, we all wonder how much our favorite players earn monthly or even yearly but these kinds of details were not disclosed until now. This data can be beneficial for you if you are interested in starting your career as a hockey player. So excited to know who is the highest-paid player in the NHL.

The highest-paid player in the NHL is Connor McDavid. McDavid makes $12.5 million a year, and he signed a contract extension with the Edmonton Oilers in July 2018. McDavid is only 22 years old and has already won two scoring titles, one MVP award, and one Stanley Cup ring as part of the Oilers. The team has struggled to find success since winning in 2005, but McDavid’s presence has helped bring them back to relevancy. His incredible speed and skill have made him an instant fan favorite across Canada and around the world!

Highest Salary in the league: AAV vs Total Salary

The NHL is the highest-paying league in North America. The average salary for a player in the NHL is $4.9 million, and the highest-paid players can make as much as $15 million per season. How does this compare to other leagues?

We’ve compiled AFL, NFL, NBA, and MLB salaries to see how they stack up against each other.
Average Salary Per Year:

  • NHL: $4.9 million  
  • MLB: $3 million  
  • NFL: $2.1 million 
  • NBA: $1.8 million  

While AAV can be helpful in understanding what players are being paid, it doesn’t account for everything. For example, if a player signs a three-year deal with an AAV of $7 million but has a no-movement clause that will pay them $500,000 per year, they will likely make more money during their last two seasons than they do during their first season because they’re getting paid more than $7 million per year.

What is the best to go by, Aav, or total salary in determining the highest-paid player?

We can say that both total and AAV salary is important in determining the high-paid-player ratio. A player’s average annual value (AAV) is a metric used by teams to determine how much money they are willing to pay each year for a given contract. For example, if the average annual value of a contract is $4 million per year, then that means that over the course of four years (the length of most NFL contracts), the team will pay that player $16 million.

McDavid Highest Paid Player

However, it is also important to consider how much money a player is actually getting paid on an annual basis. For example, if a player has a $10 million contract with an AAV of $4 million but only receives $3 million per year for three years, then he would be paid less than someone who was paid his full AAV amount in one year.

If I would have to choose, my opinion would be that the best way to determine the highest-paid player is by total salary. The average annual value (AAV) is a more accurate way to determine the amount of money a player makes, but it doesn’t account for the length of their contract, which means that players who are locked in for longer deals can make more money than those who have shorter contracts.

PlayerAverage Annual Value (in Millions)
Conor McDavid$12.5
Artemi Panarin$11.642
Auston Matthews$11.64
Erik Karlsson$11.5
Drew Doughty$11.0
John Tavares$11.0

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What is the salary cap percentage?

A salary Cap can be defined as the maximum possible amount that a team is allowed to pay on its player’s salaries. It’s a soft cap, which means that teams can exceed it by a certain amount if they’re willing to pay a penalty.

The NHL salary cap is set at 57.14%. This means that teams can only spend up to that amount of their salary on player salaries. The cap does not apply to all teams, but it can be changed depending on how many players are on the team roster.

The NHL salary cap is the main tool that the league uses to control player costs. The cap is set at $52 million, and it limits what teams can spend on salaries. The NHL also has a floor that is set at $54 million, but this is rarely ever actually used in practice.

How does the highest-paid player compare to the average-paid player?

The National Hockey League’s (NHL) top player makes around $15 million per year. An NHL player’s average annual pay is around $3 million. The highest-paid players, on the other hand, tend to have greater longevity, thus their overall earnings are much more than the typical NHL player.

How does the highest compare to the lowest?

According to the National Hockey League’s website, the highest salary in the NHL is $13,000,000 per year, which is paid to Stars C Tyler Seguin. The lowest salary in the NHL is $700,000 per year, which is paid to Tampa Bay Lightning forward Brett Connolly.

The median salary for an NHL player is $2 million per year, compared with a median income of $51,000 in the United States.


List of Top 20 Players of Nhl by Aav

S.NoPlayersTeamsAverage Salaries (in millions)
1-Conner McDavidEDM$12.5
2-Artemi PanarinNYR$11.56
3-Auston MatthewsTOR$11.6
4-Erik KarlssonSJS$11.5
5-John TavaresTOR$11
6-Drew DoughtyLAK$11
7-Mitchell MarnerTOR$10.89
8-Jonathan ToewsCHI$10.56
9-Patrick KaneCHI$10.50
10-Carey PriceMTL$10.45
11-Anze KopitarLAK$10
12-Sergei BobrovskyFLA$10
13-Aleksander BarkovFLA$9.6
14-Jack EichelVGK$10.0
15-Tyler SeguinDAL$9.87
16-Andrei VasilevskiyTBL$9.6
17-Zachary WerenskiCBJ$9.57
18-Brayden PointTBL$9.60
19-Adam FoxNYR$9.0
20-Jamie BennDAL$9.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Conner Mcdavid Get Paid So Much?

He has been a star hockey player for many years and has led his team to many championships. People also like him very much due to his entertaining skills on and off the ice.

How is Nhl’s Salary different From AAV’s?

In hockey, the term “salary” refers to the amount of money a player makes in a given year. This may include any bonuses, benefits, or other compensation they receive. However, the acronym “AAV” stands for “average annual value,” which is defined as the average amount of money that an NHL franchise pays a player over the course of their contract. 

How do you Calculate the Aav for an NHL Player?

The AAV is calculated by taking the total salary over the length of their contract with a guaranteed number of years and then dividing that figure by the number of years. So if I sign a 3-year deal for $10 million per year, my AAV would be $10 million divided by three, which equals $3 million. If I sign a 5-year deal for $5 million per year, my AAV would be $5 million divided by five, which equals $1 million.

Conclusion: Who is the highest-paid player in the NHL?

The NHL salary scenario has changed significantly over the past decade, with a major increase in the average salary of players. The average wage has increased from $1.8 million to $2.7 million over this period, which is a 71% increase in just ten years. This increase is due to the increase in revenue generated by teams and the league overall, as well as an increase in the number of players on each team’s roster.

The average salary for goalies is higher than for any other position, at about $3.4 million per year. This is followed by defensemen at about $3 million per year and centers at about $2.5 million per year. The most significant increases in salaries have been seen among centers, which saw their average pay increase by nearly 50% from 2007 to 2017 alone (from $1.8 million to $2.7 million).

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