Gila River Arena (Arizona Coyotes Stadium)

The Westgate Entertainment District, a $1 billion construction project in Glendale, Arizona, includes the Gila River Arena. The stadium serves as the focal point of the district, which also offers food, retail, and several kinds of entertainment. The stadium cost $220 million to construct and debuted in December 2006. 

The Arizona Coyotes of the NHL call this stadium, which is 12 miles outside of Phoenix, home. The Coyotes were initially established as the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Organization and play in the Central Division of the Western Conference (WHA). Between 1979 to 1996, the NHL team was sold, transferred to Arizona, and given the new title of Coyotes.


The team’s current performance has been limited, but they ended up winning their divisional in the 2011–2012 campaign. The Mark Messier Leadership Award was given to Shane Doan, who spent his full 21-year career with the team.

How many seats are in Gila River Arena?

Gila River Arena can contain a total of 19,000 spectators and accommodates 17,125 for Arizona Coyote games. There are three levels of premium seats: the 100 level, the 200 level, and the club level. All these spaces are available for fans and visitors. Not only can you watch the games or shows from the seats, but you can also enjoy your favorite meal.


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Directions – How to get to Gila River Arena?

At 9400 West Maryland Ave, Gila River Stadium is a section of the Westgate Entertainment District. Coyote lovers can travel to the region from any path by taking the 101. Between West Maryland and West Glendale Avenues is the theater district, which includes the stadium.

Where to Park near Gila River Arena?

Based on where you park, parking for performances at Gila River Arena might cost anything from $10 to $75. Pre-paid parking tickets are publicly available, and cash is not permitted. Gila River Arena’s numerous parking spaces include areas E, G, J, L, Yellow, Garage, and West VIP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What city do the Arizona Coyotes play in?

Glendale, Arizona is home to the Gila River Arena, where the Arizona Coyotes play their regular season games.

Who uses Gila River Arena?

The stadium hosts part or all of the regular season for the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL and the men’s hockey club for Arizona State.

How much is an Arizona Coyotes hockey ticket?

Some of the most inexpensive NHL tickets are available from the Arizona Coyotes. Visitors can get seats in the 200 level for as little as $14 if they choose an early-season, mid-week match. At the same match, front-row tickets that are directly behind the Coyotes’ bench are only $168 per person. It is less expensive than seating in this excellent position at other venues.

What hockey teams play at the Gila River Arena?

Hockey teams from both the collegiate and professional levels play their home matches at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The stadium serves as the home ice for the men’s hockey teams of the Coyotes and Sun Devils.

Who owns the Gila River Arena?

The Arizona’s City of Glendale is the owner of the Gila River Stadium.

Conclusion: Gila River Arena

The Arizona Coyotes’ 18-year tenure in Glendale, Arizona, and Gila River Arena will come to an end. It is because the town of Glendale, Arizona, will not extend its partnership with the team to the top of the 2021–2022 National hockey league. The city of Glendale announced the decision on Twitter on Thursday afternoon. The city of Glendale decided not to renew the business deal with the Arizona Coyotes past the next 2021–2022 campaign, according to a statement.

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