Enterprise Center (St. Louis Blues Stadium)

Less than two years and $135 million later, the St. Louis Blues’ NHL arena, The Enterprise Center, officially opened its doors in October 1994. The title rights were acquired by Entrepreneur Holdings in 2018, and the Kiel Center was renamed. The “Frozen Four” of junior hockey as well as numerous other local and regional school sporting events have taken place there over decades. 

The Blues are the only top league to utilize the stadium for the regular season. The NHL expanded from six to twelve clubs in 1967, and St. Louis received a club as part of that development. The Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues are competitors in the Central Division of the NHL’s Conference Finals.

Enterprise Center

Since their introduction, the Blues have had consistency, making the championships more common than any other team other than the NHL’s original six. Now let’s dive into the details of this arena. 

How many seats are in the Enterprise Center?

For Blues matches, over 18,000 spectators can fit in the Enterprise Center. There are two broad classifications of seating in the Enterprise Center Plaza Level (Sections 101–126) and Mezzanine level (Sections 301-334). 

Seats In Enterprise Center

The lower bowl of the Enterprise Center offers normal accommodation as well as five additional all-inclusive alternatives for patrons. It includes Pub 67, the Jameson Club at Clark Avenue, the Bommarito Automotive Group Lounge, the Together Credit Union Terrace Seats, and the Scott Credit Union Rinkside Club. Each provides Blues supporters and tourists with a distinctive experience.

For instance, Together Credit Union Terrace Seats have roomy accommodations with greater legroom and broader, cushioned seats, as well as fun food options like nachos, popcorn, pretzels, and hotdogs. Also, Pub ’67 has a private bar and club section with a maximum capacity of 100 guests.

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Directions – How to get to the Enterprise Center?

In the center of St. Louis, Missouri’s downtown, 1401 Clark Street, is where you can find Enterprise Plaza. For spectators who are traveling to a match, the stadium is located between South 16th Street and South 14th Street and is easily accessible from I-64/Highway 40, I-55, I-44, and I-70. 

On the east, west, and south ends of the venue, there are doorways for entry. Additionally, several Bi-State Transit bus services provide access to the Enterprise Center.

Besides that, after a thrilling seven-game contest against the Boston Bruins, the Blues claimed their first Stanley Cup in 2019. The Blues have retained a vintage custom for their matches that used to be featured at most venues: live organ music. When the National Anthem is sung before matches, Blues supporters like to add, “Home of the Blues.”

Where to Park Near the Enterprise Center?

Visiting concerts at the Enterprise Center has several parking choices. A parking area next to the stadium still goes by the name Kiel Center Parking. The venue is also close to a variety of parking facilities and areas that are accessible on a walk. 

Additionally, St. Louis provides controlled on-street parking near the Enterprise Center. You can grab a metered spot because they are free on Sundays and all City holidays to save money on parking for people watching matches on that day.

Thus, the Enterprise Center’s food and drinks program largely works with regional suppliers. They also include Hi-Point Drive-In, the Jack Daniels Barrel House, the 14th and Clark Taqueria, Bud and Burgers, Buds and Brats, Lion’s Choice, and the Sugarfree Smokehouse. 

Brews of the Lou delivers more than 15 regional beers from breweries in the St. Louis region for individuals who desire an alcoholic beverage other than Budweiser brand products.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the St Louis Arena Demolished?

The St. Louis Stadium was the home of the St. Louis Blues from 1967 to 1994 and was dismantled in 1999. It was the second-largest indoor entertainment center in the nation when it debuted in 1929.

Where is Enterprise Center in St. Louis?

The Booker T. Washington Theater, which was demolished by the Municipal Auditorium, was situated at 1401 Clark Avenue in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. This is now the location of the Enterprise Center.

How old is the Enterprise Center in St. Louis?

The Enterprise Center debuted in October 1994 in preparation.

Conclusion: Enterprise Center

The St. Louis Blues won their first-ever Stanley Cup during the inaugural season of the Enterprise Arena, making it a highly successful debut. Before the 2018–19 campaign, the building was named the Scottrade Center. 

But when the trademark rights were acquired by Enterprise, a St. Louis–based firm, the name was changed to enterprise center. Throughout its existence, it has also gone under the names Savvis Arena and Kiel Arena.

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