What is engraved in the bowl of the Stanley Cup?

The hockey game is distinctive, and the awards that are given to the champions are also very unique. The Stanley Cup is hockey’s top award for winners which has a similar value. The Stanley Cup has been given out for 124 years and still, its worth keeps growing all the time.

What is engraved in the bowl of the Stanley Cup? Apart from the name H. Broadbent on the outside bowl, the Stanley Cup has the names of the champions from 1906–07 and 1914–15 on the interior. They are Montreal Flyers and Vancouver Millionaires.

What are the other historical things written on the outer side of the Stanley Trophy and what is its history? Let’s get to know this.

engraved in the bowl of the Stanley Cup

A brief history of engraving on the bowl

There was an agreement when Lord Stanley of Preston initially presented the Stanley Cup in 1892. For this, clubs will have to purchase the cup to have their favorite names engraved on it. 

The first team to win Stanley Cup, Montreal HC, did attach the first band and their names to the trophy but not the names of the players. After that, players did not do the same. So, there are several differences between the first champion’s engraving from 1893 and the standard engravings from 1924 on the trophy.

history of engraving on the bowl in nhl

One of these changes is that some clubs would add their favorite team names to other areas of the trophy. They can do this rather than purchasing a ring for them to use.

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Engraving on the Inside Bowl

The writing on the interior of the cup is the modification that I am talking about. The names of the skaters on the Stanley Cup-winning squads were printed on the interior of the bowl along with their squad names.

Here is a list of the two teams, along with the one skater whose name is on the cup’s interior.

1906-07Montreal Wanderers20
1914-15Vancouver Millionaires9
Unknown and upside down on the outer rim of the bowlH. Broadbent1

Montreal Wanderers 1906-07

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Montreal Wanderers beat the Kenora Thistles in March 1907. Montreal beat 12-8 in two matches that made up the final match. 

Montreal Wanderers 1906-07
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The Stanley Cup’s initial club was the Montreal Wanderers and that club engraved its squad names on the cup. Their decision to have their names engraved on the trophy is unclear. But by doing so, that club secured its place in the history of hockey for all time.

Vancouver Millionaires

The Pacific Coast Hockey Team’s Vancouver Millionaires competed against the current Stanley Cup winner Ottawa Senators for the trophy.

Ottawa didn’t even take it on its way toward the West. It is because they were so sure they would get the victory. 

Vancouver Millionaires

Throughout three-game seasons, the Millionaires demolished Ottawa, besting them 28-6. During the series, the Trophy was altered to read “Vancouver B.C./1914–15/Defeated Ottawa/3 Straight Matches.” 

With the flared edges of the bowl, there were also inscribed the names of eight skaters and the coach.

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H. Broadbent

The Montreal Wanderers and the Vancouver Millionaires did not have H. Broadbent on their squad. Harry Lawton’s “Punch” Broadbent was known by the initials H. Broadbent. 

Hockey skater H. Broadbent was in the NHL Hall of Fame. He was regarded as a standout attacker in his day and achieved the club-hitting championship in 1922.

Nobody is exactly sure why or who placed his name on the outside ring of the trophy upside down. Although the club was not mentioned, he won the Stanley Cup. He won the inaugural Stanley Cup in 1926 with the Montreal Maroons, and his name is on the trophy. 

At the start of the 1920s, he also won the Cup while playing for the Ottawa Senators. Broadbent was a member of the Montreal Wanderers, who lost to the Vancouver Millionaires in the final game in 1915. In that game, he scored three goals over them. Then he served for 3.5 years in the military during World War I.

Those events contributed to his surname being added to the trophy. But it will remain one of the Stanley Trophy’s strange tales. There are claims that the author was an admirer of Bose or that the performer urged him to put his name there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the original Stanley Cup? 

When you ask about the size of the original Stanley cup, it is 18.5cm or 7.28 inches in height. It has a diameter of 29cm or 11.42 inches.

How much was the original Stanley cup bought for? 

Stanley cup is the special award that is given to the victors of an NHL match. Thus, Lord Stanley bought this Stanley Cup in London for around 10 guineas or 50 dollars.

What about the original Bowl? 

The original cup is the one with the names inscribed on the inner side. It has become more sensitive and is now safe in the halls of fame. The bowl is a precise duplicate of the Stanley Cup of today, which is utilized to maintain the spirit of history.

Conclusion: What is engraved in the bowl of the Stanley Cup?

What is engraved in the bowl of the Stanley Cup was the main topic and the answer to this question is the name of different champions. On the outer side of the trophy, the name of previous players from 1906-1907 and 1914-1915 is written. 

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