The complete guide to the first NHL game of Sidney Crosby

When discussing the top players in a hockey match, the word “superstar” is frequently used. On the other hand, Sidney Crosby is without a doubt one of hockey’s biggest stars. When you will glance at his history, people will compare him to the players he competed against as well as to hockey’s superstars.

As you know every profession has a beginning, Sidney Crosby started his career with the NHL. He has achieved significant success and a name in the field of hockey. In Sidney Crosby’s first NHL game and goal, he made 102 points. He had set a record in NHL history. 

Below I am going to discuss the first game, season, goal, cup, and more about Sidney Crosby. So, come up with me!

Sidney Crosby’s First Season

Crosby joined the NHL at the start of the 2005–2006 campaign. He joined the NHL after the Pittsburgh Penguins selected his first pick in the NHL entry draft in June.

First NHL Game Of Sidney Crosby

The Pittsburgh Penguins featured Marc-Andre Fleury and Evgeni Malkin. That was a mediocre club with a lot of youthful potentials. Crosby had continued to finish the campaign with 102 scores overall with his squad’s bad performance. 

Although Alexander Ovechkin won the Calder Cup for the outstanding youngster, that was only great enough to get the second position.

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When was Sidney Crosby’s first game?

On October 5, 2005, Sidney Crosby participated in his first NHL game for the Pittsburgh Penguins against the New Jersey Nets. The Penguins played an away match, and things did not go as planned. It is because they lost 5-1.

Crosby’s day wasn’t all negative as he provided an assist on the sole Penguins score. Mark Recchi scored on a power play with help of Sidney Crosby and John LeClair.

Crosby’s final stats on his match were as follows:


When was Sidney Crosby’s first goal?

For Crosby, the search for his first NHL score was not too extensive. Sidney scored against the Boston Bruins on October 8, 2005, in Pittsburgh’s third match of the year and first at home.

The Penguins took a 6-4 advantage after Crosby’s power-play score at the finish of the second session. In the finale, Mark Recchi and Ziggy Palffy would be credited with helping Crosby score. Sidney had a three-point evening due to a score, two assists, and a goal.

The fact that the Penguins were defeated by the Bruins 6-7 in extra time was the one factor that let the evening down.

His final stat line looked like this:


Here is a video of his first goal:

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Sidney Crosby’s First Contract

A few days after being selected in the 2005 draft, Crosby committed to the Pittsburgh Penguins in his first agreement. Agreements for newly drafted selections were not subject to much discussion. It is because the NHL and skaters’ collective bargaining deal sets a top income that a beginner can get. 

Sidney Crosby’s First Contract

Crosby would undoubtedly receive the highest amount possible as the first draft selection. As a result, Crosby agreed to sign a three-year, $850,000 contract extension with a potential opportunity to treble that amount through incentive pay.

Sidney Crosby’s First Fight

There is nothing delicate about Crosby as he commonly receives punishment. He will respond if someone strikes him. But despite having a few fights, he should not be regarded as a fighter.

On December 20, 2007, he engaged in his first-ever fight, losing to Boston Bruins’ Andrew Ference. I am sure that he will succeed.

Sidney Crosby’s First Shootout Goal

Crosby’s first playoff goal was scored against the Montreal Jets, the club he grew up cheering for. Crosby had an opportunity to win the match for the Penguins in overtime during his rookie season in the NHL and the first season the current penalty regulations were in place.

He would close in on Jose Theodore, the goalkeeper, and after pulling the ball to his forehand and fooling it, he would slot it into the top corner of the net. 

The Penguins defeated Crosby’s old squad 3-2 in overtime due to the score. Crosby scored at 2:34 into the game.

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Sidney Crosby’s First Playoffs

In his first NHL year, Crosby missed the playoffs, but he achieved so in his second season. The 2006–2007 year would be Crosby’s first experience playing in the playoffs. With Crosby and Malkin, the Penguins drastically enhanced in their second year and surged to 105 scores in the rankings. 

They only failed by two points to the Devils, who won the Atlantic Division. The Penguins were beaten 4-1 by the Ottawa Rebels in Crosby’s first playoff series. And the Senators moved on to the Stanley Cup Finals.

In the five games played in the series, Crosby scored 3 goals and provided 2 assists. The Penguins reached the Stanley Cup championship game but lost to Detroit. Thus, his second season in the playoffs would be much better.

Sidney Crosby’s First Cup

Crosby was not required to wait very long to win his first Stanley Cup by NHL standards. Crosby was capable of keeping the Stanley Cup over his head in just his season 4. It was one year after dropping in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins would square off in the 2009 Stanley Cup Final for the second consecutive year. Pittsburgh would triumph this time as they won in seven matches to take the championship to Detroit.

Sidney Crosby’s First Cup

Crosby only participated for 32 seconds of the third quarter in the championship game after suffering an injury in the second. Crosby won the MVP title in 2016 and 2017 for his second and third Stanley Cup victories. But he can’t achieve the Conn Smythe as the game’s most valuable skater.

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Conclusion: The complete guide to the first NHL game of Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby’s first NHL game was held in 2005. At the start of his NHL career, he did not achieve much. But in his second and third matches, he was successful in achieving the Stanley Cup by winning the match. He has a significant record in history. 

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