Climate Pledge Arena (Seattle Kraken Stadium)

Seattle Kraken of the NHL plays at Climate Pledge Stadium in Seattle, Washington. The stadium is situated in Seattle Center, a recreation area in the city, and was formerly the location of the 1962 International exposition. The stadium was getting a $1.15 billion renovation as of the mid of 2021 to get ready for the next hockey and basketball tournaments.

As the Thrashers of the Western Hockey League competed there in 2008, the NHL addition franchise The Kraken will bring pro hockey to Union Square. The WNBA’s Seattle Storm and the Redhawks men’s basketball club from Seattle University will both remain as owners of the stadium. 


The venue has previously played home to NBA All-Star events, the Goodwill Games, and events by prominent artists from every field. The Washington State Coliseum, a landmark of the Seattle Center, replaced the Washington State Pavilion when it first debuted in 1962 as the venue. 

Let’s get the additional details of the climate pledge arena

How many seats are in Climate Pledge Arena?

The Seattle Kraken matches at Climate Pledge Center will have 17,100 seat capacity due to the ongoing reconstruction project. Also, 18,100 people attend basketball games, according to the statistics. Nearly 2000 extra seats for hockey have been installed as a result of the stadium improvement than there were before the restoration project. 


Lower-level sections 1 through 26 as well as the 100 and 200-level sectors make up Climate Pledge Arena’s three public spectator zones during Seattle Kraken matches. Along with bar seats, there are also lavish seats and apartments.

Moreover, the venue’s title privileges are presently held by the Amazon Corporation, who picked the Climate Pledge Arena name to spotlight existing issues rather than follow the commercial naming process.

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Directions – How to get to Climate Pledge Arena?

Climate Pledge Arena, which is situated at 305 Harrison Street in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, is served by numerous King County Metro bus routes. The Mercer Street entrance from Interstate 5 leads to the venue. 

Route 8 links the neighborhood with other nearby communities when traveling to the venue. The Seattle Center Monorail can also be used to get to the center which offers improved operation during performances. 

To relocate the scoreboards nearer to the spectators in the top decks and both areas, Climate Pledge Arena has replaced the enormous center-hung display with two triangular-shaped big screens. They are both filled with LEDs and placed above each point.

They took them to the folks who needed it the most and didn’t overpower the pleasure in the bowl. It has been a vastly improved approach.

Where to Park near Climate Pledge Arena?

Parking for Kraken matches at Climate Pledge Stadium is available in several locations, such as three official parking areas, on-street driving, and nearby private parking spaces. 

In addition to spaces or garages, street parking is commonly free. To find the greatest deals before visiting the area, you must ensure that you look online or through a smartphone app. To save a little money, you can also look for parking-related promo codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Seattle Kraken Arena finished?

The Seattle Kraken’s prospective stadium, Climate Pledge Center, is expected to complete in October 2021 in time for the 2021–22 National hockey league. Since 2018, it has been working on a significant restoration.

Where will the Seattle Kraken play?

The recently refurbished Climate Pledge Arena, part of the Seattle Center entertainment complex, will host games for the Seattle Kraken which is the NHL’s newest potential franchise. Other professional ice hockey clubs, such as the Western Hockey League’s Seattle Totems and Seattle Thunderbirds, called the stadium home before renovations.

Is the Seattle Kraken in the NHL 2022?

Yes, the Seattle Kraken will compete in the Western Tournament’s Pacific Division in 2021–2022. The NHL agreed to Seattle Hockey Partnerships’ request to award the state of Seattle an ownership group in December 2018.

What does Kraken mean in Seattle?

The Kraken is the name of the fabled, intriguing, and powerful sea monster that the Seattle series picked. The “S” symbol pays tribute to the Pacific Coast Hockey Association’s Seattle Metro areas. It beat the Montreal Canadiens in 1917 to become the first American team to compete for the Stanley Cup.

How much is a Seattle Kraken hockey ticket?

Tickets for the Seattle Kraken are available for as little as $37.00, with an average cost of $188.00.

What hockey teams play at the Climate Pledge Arena?

Climate Pledge Stadium will be the site of the Seattle Kraken, which will debut in the 2021–22 campaign. 

Conclusion: Climate Pledge Arena

The environment was always going to be a consideration in the design of a virtually entirely new NHL stadium in Seattle named, climate pledge arena. But it took on extra significance after AmazonAMZN -0.2% teamed up with the Seattle Kraken and chose to rename the structure Climate Pledge Center. Tim Leiweke, director of Oak View Company and co-owner and co-operator of Climate Pledge Stadium, believes that turning it carbon neutral is a key factor in making a life event. 

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