Canadian Tire Center (Ottawa Senators Stadium)

The Kanata suburb’s Canadian Tire Centre has served as the Ottawa Senators’ home court since it opened in 1996. It costs over $170 million Canadian to develop. In 2014, they saw the installation of significant modifications, such as upgraded food places and 4K movie screens. 

Six restaurants, a fitness center, as well as clubs, and other specialized dining rooms, are all featured at the site. The Ottawa Senators is a 1992 NHL team that shares its name with a famous 1883 Canadian hockey team. They competed in the NHL until 1934 and achieved 11 Stanley Cups.


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How many seats are in the Canadian Tire Centre?

The 100s, 200s, and 300s, which ring the stage floor, are the three primary parts of the 18,652 Senator fans’ seats at Canadian Tire Centre. The grade next to the rink is 100, or the venue. The 100-tier, 200-tier, and mezzanine tier, which are located above the 300-tier, all have apartments. While floors 200 and 300 shares a plaza, level 100 is its concourse.


In 2014, the location received upgrades that featured updated food stands and 4K TV displays. The hockey team the Ottawa Members of the senate was established in 1992. They combine their name with a famous hockey team from Canada that was founded in 1883, competed in the NHL until 1934, and won 11 Stanley Cups.

Depending on their position and skill, the current Senators have participated in the playoffs frequently. Three division victories, the 2003 Presidents’ Trophy, and other titles have all been won by the Senators.

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Directions – How to get to Canadian Tire Centre?

Canadian Tire Centre is conveniently situated off Highway 417 at 1000 Palladium Lane in the Katana area, on the western outskirts of Ottawa. The Terry Fox Drive and Palladium Drive entrances on Highway 417 are the two options that will take you to Canadian Tire Plaza. 

The Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission provides shuttles that go right to the stadium as well as other public transit choices.

Where to Park near the Canadian Tire Centre?

When you arrive at the stadium, it will be simple to locate a spot due to the nine parking spaces that encircle Canadian Tire Centre. Online prepaid registration permits are offered, and the lots take cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

There is free room to park at a neighboring Costco if you don’t mind walking a little. So, the spaces are not directly next to the stadium and are a little less expensive if you only need to save $10 on parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Ottawa Senators’ arena called in 2003?

The Corel Center was the title of the Ottawa Senators’ home arena, Canadian Tire Centre, from 1996 to 2006.

How old is the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa?

The Canadian Tire Centre, which was enlarged in 2005 and had its debut in 1996, will turn 25 in 2021.

How much is an Ottawa Senators hockey ticket?

With numerous tickets available for matches in the $30 level, the Ottawa Senators have one of the cheapest overall ticket costs in the NHL. In addition to three distinct levels of apartments, the Canadian Tire Centre has three ordinary sitting spaces.

What hockey teams play at the Canadian Tire Centre?

The Canadian Tire Centre serves as the home arena for the Ottawa Senators in the NHL’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Conference.

Who owns the Canadian Tire Centre?

The founder and governor of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators and AHL’s Belleville Senators is businessman and philanthropist Eugene Melnyk.

Conclusion: Canadian Tire Center

Depending on sixteen winning seasons, four division championships, and the 2003 Presidents’ Cup, the present Senators have experienced multiple deep postseason campaigns. Their sole previous participation was in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals. The Senators’ supporters, called the Sens Army, frequently dress as Roman legions for matches.

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