Canada Life Centre (Winnipeg Jets Stadium)

The Winnipeg Jets’ arena, the Canada Life Centre, opened its doors in November 2004. When the Atlanta Thrashers were acquired by True North Sports & Productions in 2011, which also manages and owns the stadium, the downtown Manitoba venue brought NHL hockey back into the city. 

Bell MTS Place’s reign came to an end in June 2021 with the announcement that Canada Life had acquired the brand name of the arena. The Winnipeg Jets have had a long and treacherous journey, starting as a WHA franchise in 1972, then being purchased and relocated to Arizona to form the Phoenix Coyotes.


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How many seats are in the Canada Life Centre?

With a 15,321 attendance for Winnipeg Jets matches, Bell MTS Centre has earned the moniker “the Pay Phone” due to its diminutive size in contrast to other NHL venues. It was formerly known as the Canada Life Centres. 


The venue provides fans with apartments and other specialized areas in addition to the three floors of conventional sitting.

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Directions – How to get to Canada Life Centre?

At 345 Graham Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba’s central business district, you can find the Canada Life Arena that was formerly known as the Bell MTS Arena. Most spectators will enter by Trans-Canada Highway 1 or Highway 75, which becomes Pembina Highway. It was based on where they are coming from. 

The stadium is located just north of Winnipeg’s South Shore neighbourhood. There are five distinct bus lines close to the previous Bell MTS Centre that you can use to get to the stadium.

Where to Park near Canada Life Centre?

Nearly 30,000 storage spaces are available in downtown Winnipeg. It includes 3,000 being within a five-minute stroll of the Canada Life Arena and 13,000 being within a ten-minute walk of it. Based on the particular sporting event, parking can cost anything from $5 to $20. True North Square Parking also has electric car charging points. 

The Canadian Life Centre will officially open on July 1, 2021, but it will take some time to change all of the station’s existing advertising. By September, according to Canada Life, all new signs should be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Canada Life Centre called before?

The Canada Life Centre, formerly known as Bell MTS Square until early 2021, has also gone by other names during development and construction. It includes True North Arena from 2004 to 2017, MTS Centre from 2004 to 2017, and most frequently Bell MTS Place from 2017 to 2021.

How much is a Winnipeg Jets hockey ticket?

The initial Winnipeg Wings, a WHA club that joined the NHL in 1979 along with three other franchises, later relocated to Arizona and changed their name to the Phoenix Coyotes. Winnipeg would once more have a Jets NHL club in 2011 after Winnipeg-based True North acquired the Atlanta Thrashers.

What hockey teams play at the Canada Life Centre?

For particular individual matches, fans can buy Winnipeg Jets seats for as little as $29 when comparing the primary and the secondary sectors. The normal price of a ticket is around $100, with prices ranging from $60 in the upper section to $220 in places close to the rink.

What hockey teams play at the Canada Life Centre?

The Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League and their American Hockey League franchise, the Manitoba Moose, call the stadium. It is now known as the Canada Life Centre, home.

Who owns the Canada Life Centre?

True North Sports and Entertainment is the owner and manager of the facility. 

Conclusion: Canada Life Centre

The current Winnipeg Jets have had difficulty qualifying for the games, although they have recently faced off against the Las Vegas Knights for the Title Game. As a reference to the club and Canada life centre’s owners, the new Winnipeg Jets’ supporters have created some of their customs. It includes chanting “True North!” during the Canadian national anthem when it says “The True North is powerful and independent.”

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