Canada Life Centre Food – Winnipeg Jets Food

It makes natural that the former home of the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose would one day be Canada Life Centre by enduring connections in Winnipeg. It is honourable to have a brand association with a location that captures the heart of the neighbourhood in the city. 

Canada Life Centre food is ranked among the top entertainment and sporting arenas in North America. It offers Tim Hortons, pizza, Budweiser King Club, Grab and Go snack shop, Jumbo JetDog, and fan fuel at the venue. 

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Best Food at the Canada Life Centre

The Winnipeg Jets’ arena, the Canada Life Center, debuted in November 2004. The stadium, which is in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was formerly occupied by the AHL’s Manitoba Bison, who moved back there in 2015 to rejoin the Winnipeg Jets.


The supporters were overjoyed to have an NHL squad back in town even though the previous club was created in 1972 and has yet to achieve a Stanley Cup. Visitors to the stadium for NHL or AHL matches are given a wide selection of food, restaurants, and beverages both inside and outside the building.

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Canada Life Centre Food & Concession Stands

The Canada Life Centre’s cuisine, beverage, cafes, and refreshments are available to hockey fans who are attending a Winnipeg Jets game. When you go to the stadium, you will get all the standard venue cuisine, such as hot dogs, burgers, pizza, chicken sandwiches, and nachos. 


The seated area is surrounded by stands, and hockey fans have their favourite ones, such as the Jumbo Jet Dog. The stadium stands and restaurants serve everything from delectable wings to traditional favourite dishes of people. 

When Winnipeg supporters watch their team perform on their home ground, they can rely on a staple of Canada, Tim Horton’s coffee.

Classic Food at Canada Life Centre

If you are at a Winnipeg Jets game, stop into Carvery & Melts within the Canada Life Arena for a variety of smoky meat sandwiches, grilled cheese, soup, and grilled pastries. Meats that have been smoked define Winnipeg and Manitoba as a whole. 

Swing by one of the seven Hops & Shots stations around the stadium for a beverage and a pie. Last but not least, there are two distinct steak sandwiches available at the High Steaks Hot Sandwiches stalls for fans who are attending a game to support their side.

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Food Near Canada Life Centre

Before entering the arena for a Winnipeg Jets hockey game, local eateries and pubs close to Canada Life Arena are fantastic places to grab a bite to eat and drink. 

The dining options in the downtown area vary from fantastic homestyle eateries like the White Star Diner to mouthwatering pizza at Gusto North. 

It’s an excellent idea to make bookings at some eateries in Winnipeg close to the stadium because tables can fill up quickly. Several Winnipeg casinos in the city centre also have very great restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at the Canada Life Centre?

Snacks that cost between $5 to $7 as well as burgers and steak sandwiches that cost between $12 to $15 can be found during Jets matches.

Can you bring food to the Canada Life Centre?

No, exterior goods or foods are not permitted in the venue according to their regulations. You can go and check the website as well.

What restaurants are inside the Canada Life Centre?

The venue includes the Budweiser King Club, the Observation Deck Bar & Buffet, and the Interchange Restaurant and Beer Market.

How much does a beer cost at Canada Life Centre?

In the Canada life centre, beer costs start at about $8 but it is the starting range that will vary according to the type.

Conclusion: Canada Life Centre Food

When visitors to the stadium attend an NHL game, Aviator’s Grill stands sell gravy which is another speciality of Canada. The Centre Ice Bar and the Budweiser Red Light Bar are available before and during the play if you’d like a beer or another beverage at the Canada life centre food.

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