Can You Kick the Puck in Hockey?

Many people think that hockey is a game that only tall people with heavy muscles can play. It is a misconception. No matter what your age, size, and ability level are, you can play hockey whenever you want. In hockey, you will also have to use your feet when you are on the ice. 

Can kick the puck in hockey? Yes, in a hockey game, kicking the puck without getting a punishment is permitted at any time. The puck can be directed or deflected into the goal by a player using his foot. But a player cannot hit the ball into the net to score.

Below I am going to discuss when a player can kick the puck and what are the rules to follow. So, keep up with me!

Kick the Puck in Hockey

When can a player kick the puck with his skate?

The skater is free to use his skates at any moment during the game to hit the ball. The player cannot just hit the ball through the net to make the goal. When watching a match, you might see that hockey players utilize their feet to push the ball up to their pole. 

Also, they hit the ball toward another player while playing. During a struggle with the puck, a player’s stick can be caught by a player from the opposite team. It will prevent the player from hitting the ball with their stick, as they would normally do. 

player kick the puck with his skate

If the ball is near enough to their feet, they can hit it to throw toward the team player. Hockey fights along the posts sometimes feature teammates suppressing the opponent’s stick. This will leave the player with no option but to utilize his foot to push the ball up the barriers or walls.

Players spend lots of time refining their foot skills and hitting the ball up to their sticks. It is because it occurs so commonly during a game’s normal course of a match!


The best example of this is the play by Pavel Bure which demonstrates his outstanding ability of ball control. It also includes the use of his foot. Bure uses his skates to push the ball up to his stick. It is among the greatest scores ever made.

Pavel Bure outstanding ability of ball control

Why can’t you kick the puck to score a goal?

If the ball enters the goal with your foot, it will not be considered a goal. If your skate kicks the ball in, it will not count as a score as well. Players can make a goal if their skates flex to move the ball in the direction of the goal. They will score without making a clear hitting action.

can't you Kick the Puck to Score a Goal?

Player and goalkeeper safety is an important factor in the game. It is the reason why players can’t make a goal by hitting the ball. Also, the skating boots are fairly firm, and the skater blades are very harsh.

So that there can be a danger of injury to the goaltender and other players. It would increase if players near the net started to hit the ball hard in the crease.

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Why is a player allowed to deflect a puck in the net with his skate and not kick it in?

A slapper is forbidden from interfering with his score. It is because the ball is supposed to belong to the person who hit it last time. Goalies are only allowed to utilize their feet or their hands to touch balls that are in the game. Thus, they must stop when there are no additional players within the target range.

From the first shootout to the final whistle, the match takes place at a faster rate. The word “puck” does not indicate that you will have to use your hands or feet for both lifting and sweeping.

player allowed to deflect a puck in the net with his skate

In the history of the NHL, there have been a few major injuries that occurred due to the player’s skate. In this range, the prominent name is Buffalo Sabers’ Clint Malarchuk who was a goalie. 

Malarchuk had his neck cut by a skater, which resulted in massive blood loss. This accident also put him in danger of passing out. To be precise, Malarchuk was not struck by someone attempting to push the ball. 

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To clarify the nuances of rules around skates & goals:

A score will count as a good goal only in the following conditions: 

  • If the score has been made when a shot ball diverts off a team player’s stick or an opposite team player’s stick.
  • When a player’s foot diverts a ball, it will be decided that no “specific hitting motion” was utilized.

A score will not consider a good score in the following situations: 

  • If any player on any squad’s body or padding can divert a thrown ball off of them, it will be considered a good goal. 
  • When a thrown ball is deflected into the score by the goalie’s stick, it will be a positive point. 
  • When a player’s foot diverts a ball and it is found that they utilized a “specific kicking motion,” it will count as a good goal. 
  • When a player cannot hit the ball with his stick or any other item to make a score, it will be a good score. But this seems unpleasant.

No rules and regulations forbid you to use your foot to sweep. You must remember that team players will have to speed up the game in an NHL game more than they do in the practice. They will have to speed up the game when skates hit the ground for no more than two or three seconds.

Conclusion: Can You Kick the Puck in Hockey?

So I have discussed in detail how you can kick the puck in hockey. During the hockey game, you can kick the puck but you cannot score within the net. It is because it can cause danger during a game. 

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