Bridgestone Arena Food – Nashville Predators Food

The Nashville Predators play their home games at Bridgestone Stadium in the heart of Nashville. At 501 Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203, the arena first opened its gates in 1996. 

The hockey rink is located on Nashville’s well-known country bar circuit, about a mile from Nissan Stadium. It is the football stadium of the Nashville Colts. It now has a goal zone, hot chicken, grilled cheese stands, squeezed lemonade stand, and twisted tea cart to offer.

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Best Food at the Bridgestone Arena

The Bridgestone Arena is situated in the middle of Nashville. It is host to the Nashville Predators of the NHL’s Conference Finals Central Division. 

The stadium was launched in the latter part of 1996 and has received numerous improvements. Since the Nashville Predators were established in 1998, they have competed there. 


One of the most popular tickets in the crowded central Nashville neighborhood is for Predators matches and other functions at Bridgestone Stadium. In and around Bridgestone Stadium, there are many different places to eat and drink.

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Bridgestone Arena Food & Concession Stands

When you go to a Nashville Predators hockey match, you have a ton of choices for food and beverages to select from. You can choose from the restaurants and food stalls along the main terminal of the Bridgestone Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Before attending a hockey match, concert, or other function at Firestone Venue, spectators can view other games on big-screen TVs. Meanwhile, they can enjoy a fun time at one of the many eateries located inside the stadium. 

To discover exactly what you want to eat or drink at the stadium, you must ensure that you download the Predator smartphone application and utilize the infographic.

Classic Food at Bridgestone Arena

Many of the eateries and other concession stands in the stadium provide cuisine from the town and its surroundings. By purchasing some hot chicken from the concession stand, you can enjoy what neighborhood fans consume when they visit the stadium. 

There are other tailgating-type favorites you can eat if you are at a Nashville Predators match. Numerous country music performances are held at Bridgestone Arena, and these and other activities feature unique culinary choices.

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Food Near Bridgestone Arena

Before a Nashville Predators hockey match, customers throng the several neighborhood eateries and a few pubs that are close to Bridgestone Stadium. 

Nashville, Tennessee, is a significant American town with a booming downtown area that has been likened to Las Vegas for its lifestyle. So, start making travel plans and think about stopping at the various restaurants and bars before you enter the arena. The Palm in Nashville is perhaps the best place to get a delicious steak. 

Panchos and Lefty’s Cantina, which is located directly across from the venue, serves delicious Mexican food if you’d prefer a little more comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does food cost at the Bridgestone Arena?

Agreements in the sitting room, as well as the cafes, pubs, and hotels inside the stadium, serve a variety of food at Nashville Predators matches. For $5 to $10, Tennessee supporters can purchase snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Can you bring food into the Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Stadium, the location of the Nashville Predators in Nashville, Tennessee, does not allow that outside cuisine into the stadium.

What restaurants are inside the Bridgestone Arena?

The arena is home to Pete & Terry’s Tavern, the Patron Platinum Club, and Barrel Café. They all serve regional delicacies from Tennessee’s capital and surrounding areas.

How much does a beer cost at Bridgestone Arena?

Nearly all of the dining spaces have access to beer, and the restaurants and stalls offer both popular beers and local craft beers from Tennessee beginning at $8.

Conclusion: Bridgestone Arena Food

You can purchase all of the standard stadium fare, including burgers, hot dogs, nachos, pizza, and more, at Bridgestone arena food. Near your seats, there is a concession counter where you can purchase a local beer. You can get to the stadium early if you’re heading to a hockey match.

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