Ball Arena (Colorado Avalanche Stadium)

The NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, who play in the club’s Western Conference Central Division, their home that calls Denver, and formerly the Pepsi Arena. The ball arena’s construction cost was $187 million, and it debuted in 1999. 

The Quebec Nordiques, who formed the Avalanche in 1972, relocated to Denver in 1994 and adopted their new title. In addition to hosting matches for three distinct sports teams, the location offers supporters a year-round schedule of performances, conferences, special shows, and other entertainment.


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How many seats are in the Ball Arena?

Around 20,000 people can fit within the Pepsi Center which is commonly known as the Ball Arena. This comprises lavish apartments surrounding the stadium and several seating areas.


Thus, there are 19,520 seats available for a basketball game. The seating capacity is 17,809 for a hockey game. The maximum occupancy for other events and performances will increase according to matches.

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Directions – How to get to Ball Arena?

The Ball Arena is available from either the north or south (exits 212B and 210B, respectively) of I-25 at 1000 Chopper Circle in downtown Denver. The C, E, and W lines’ Ball Venue-Elitch Gardens is the terminal area where you can access the stadium through public transportation.

Where to Park Near the Ball Arena?

There are ten parking spaces around Ball Arena, all of which are owned by Toyota and are titled after their brand of automobiles. On the day of the tournament, parking is $5 less for spectators who travel to the stadium and pay with a credit card or debit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Colorado Avalanche located?

The Ball Arena, formerly known as the Pepsi Center, is where the Colorado Avalanche plays its regular season games. It is situated at 1000 Chopper Circle in the heart of Denver, Colorado. Two exits from the neighboring Interstate 25 provide instant access to the venue.

When did Pepsi Center change to Ball Arena?

The Pepsi Center debuted in 1999, and PepsiCo held the brand name to the venue until 2020. The Ball Corporation purchased the brand name on October 22, 2020.

How much did BALL pay for Pepsi Center?

As part of a comprehensive deal that comprises several significant sports facilities in the United States and Europe, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment acquired the Pepsi Center. Kroenke plans to utilize and advertise recyclable aluminum cups to replenish the single-use plastic that is utilized at the majority of venues and arenas. According to estimates, the stadium name is only worth $7 to $9 million annually.

How much is a Colorado Avalanche hockey ticket?

There are two tiers of boxes separating the three major seating segments of the Ball Arena/the Pepsi Center. For instance, spectators can pay less than $50 to be in the uppers, or 300 areas, for a game of the regular season in mid-October. In the 100 zones, center ice seats can cost more than $200 each. 

What hockey teams play at the Ball Arena?

The Pepsi Center, which was originally named Ball Stadium, is the home venue of the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche.

Who owns the Pepsi Center?

The Pepsi Center, formerly known as Ball Arena, is owned by the American sports and entertainment business Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

Conclusion: Ball Arena

The Denver Nuggets NBA club, Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse club, and Colorado Avalanche NHL team all call Ball Arena home. The venue was founded in 1999 and is located at 1000 Chopper Circle in downtown Denver, Colorado, 80204. Not only that but also Classic Meals, Denver, Potato Company, Pan Style Pizza, and Wynkoop Crispy Chicken are the best places to get your desired food at the ball arena.

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