All about the assist in hockey: Primary, Secondary, Examples!

Every game has a set of simple statistical information that determines how local viewers and even professionals perceive some individuals. The total number of a player’s goals and assists is among the essential figures in hockey. 

A move that produced a goal is referred to as a hockey assist. Hockey is the only of the major league sports that give players credit for it in the most basic government statistics. This is the reason; it is known as a hockey assist. An assist is provided to a hockey player who transfers the puck to a partner who scores. An assist is given to the hockey player who sends the puck to a teammate who then delivers it to another player who scores.

To get more information about hockey assists and goals, keep reading it below.

What is an Assist in hockey?

In hockey, you receive an assist when you pass the puck that helps set up a goal. A player who passes the puck to another player who achieves a goal is given one score for the assist. 

The first sort of assist is known as a primary assist, and the second form is known as a secondary assist. The remainder of the assists refers to a “hockey assist” in the hockey community as a secondary assist.

What is an Assist in hockey

To put it another way, when a player achieves a goal, the game recognizes the person or individuals that transferred the puck to them. It contributed to making the game that led to the goal.

A player can only receive an assist if they hit the puck at any point between their squad’s final control and the goal they just made. Also, assists are only given between the time squad A and the final time team B has hit the ball.

Important Facts about Assists

  • Not every score will result in an assist. If the scorer directly grabbed the puck before shooting without receiving a pass, no assistance will be given.
  • Not every shot will have a secondary assist. Instead, if there is only one move after a shift of control and one shift before the score, only one assist will be awarded.
  • There will be only two assists that will be given per score.

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What are Primary Assists?

The last player who transfers the ball to the goal scorer receives the primary assist. The box score’s Primary Assist is the first assist shown after the goal scorer.

What is Secondary Assist?

The person receives a secondary assist who contacts the puck last before a member of his team scores. The next assist indicated in the box score after the goal scorer is known as the Secondary Assist.

Examples of assist-scoring plays

To make things simpler, let’s go through a few scenarios. In these instances, you will utilize the excellent Boston Bruins line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and David Pastrnak.

Example 1

Pastrnak makes a shot on the goalie after Bergeron and Pastrnak have a fantastic passing move. The defenseman catches the bounce after the goalkeeper hits the save.

Bergeron and Pastrnak have a fantastic passing move

Marchand snatches the puck from the defenders, shoots it in, and scores. How are the assists and goals recorded?

The goal would show in the box:

Goal: Brad Marchand: After the pause, the opposition got the puck back, which ended Bergeron and Pastrnak’s chances of assisting on the move. After the opposing side lost possession, Marchand recovered the puck and scored alone. It will be recovered without the help of any other person in his squad. The box score might appear as follows if the goaltender had just pushed aside Pastrnak’s bounce after the score and allowed Marchand to make points.

Goal: Brad Marchand Assists: The opposite side does not get control when the goaltender makes a save. The same would apply if Marchand had scored after the puck had bounced off an opposition’s skate or leg. The last throws will only be voided after control is obtained. The primary assist would go to Pastrnak, and the second assist, to Bergeron.

Example 2

Bergeron receives the puck after Marchand takes it from the opponents. Before Pastrnak goals, Bergeron and Pastrnak moved the puck five times during a 2-on-1 against the goalkeeper. 

Bergeron and Pastrnak moved the puck

Who receives the aids? The goal would show in the box.

Goal: David Pastrnak Assists: Marchand would receive the Second assist, while Bergeron would receive the Primary assist. Marchand’s second assist is not negated by any of the exchanges between Bergeron and Pastrnak. In this way, Bergeron only receives one assist!

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How many points is an assist in hockey? Do they count as points?

One score is awarded for each assist. One score was given for each goal, primary assist, and secondary assist in the player’s overall point record.

Assists Leaders

The finest player in the league will provide one to almost one assist in every match on average. A player is still performing excellently if they receive an assist once after every two matches.

Top 10 hockey assists leader 2022-2023

I have a list of the 10 best leaders of 2022-23 from the most popular NHL teams. Let’s explore.

Nikita KucherovTampa Bay25
Mathew BarzalNew York Islanders24
Nathan MacKinnonColorado Avalanche22
Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers22
Quinn HughesVancouver Canucks21
Erik KarlssonSan Jose Sharks21
Mitch MarnerToronto Maple Leafs21
Leon DraisaitlEdmonton Oilers20
Josh MorrisseyWinnipeg Jets19
Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguins19

All-time Assists in a Season Record

11 of the ten best all-time assist campaigns are held by Wayne Gretzky. He recorded an incredible 163 assists during the 1985–86 seasons. Thus, it was the season when he received the most!

Conclusion: All about the assist in hockey

A goal is scored when the puck is passed, and the move is referred to as a hockey assist. When a player transfers the puck to a partner who goes on to accomplish a goal. The record will be known as an assist. The passer receives a goal for an assist if one of their partner’s scores. For every goal, up to two assists will be awarded.

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